How the ‘Shang-chi’ Post-credits Scenes Propel the Latest Marvel Superhero Into Being

The first of Shang-two Chi’s post-credits sequences shows what transpired after Wong, an ally of Doctor Strange, interrupted Shang-Chi and Katy’s supper, with the Avengers standing around dumbfounded.

He and other Avengers have been watching a signal beacon originating from the Ten Rings, which is unlike anything in the Avengers’ archives. Bruce Banner is unable to determine their composition, and Captain Marvel does not recognize their design from her intergalactic travels.

Both senior Avengers are called away in the middle of a conversation, and Wong urges Shang-Chi and Katy to get used to it. They have now entered the realm of Big Weird Superhero Stuff. They then proceed to sing karaoke, which is really relatable.

The lack of a resolution is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Shang-opening Chi’s credits scene: The Ten Rings are strange, and if you want to know why, you’re out of luck. This allows the opportunity for much speculation.

Shang-chi Scene Mid-credits

When Shang-Chi and Katie followed Wong into a vortex, the mid-credits sequence essentially continues the film’s conclusion. The action begins with Wong examining the rings and seeing that they are unlike any of the items listed in the codex.

how many end credits in shang chi
how many end credits in shang chi

Brie Larson and Mark Ruffalo appear in mandatory cameos as Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner, respectively. Banner’s arm is in a sling, so assuming that’s the damage he sustained from wearing the Power Gauntlet in Endgame, we can conclude that Shang-Chi takes place shortly after that film.

Two of the most intelligent members of the Avengers are perplexed by the rings. At the very least, they can determine that the mysterious metal hoops are thousands of years older than previously believed.

The genesis narrative of the rings in the comics is that they contained the souls of alien fighters from the planet Maklu, home to dragonlike beings such as the popular comics character Fin Fang Foom.

In the film, the protagonists understand that Shang-use Chi’s of the rings has transmitted a signal. There is a beacon transmitting into space, but who will respond?

Then, Marvel departs on interstellar business, leaving Banner and Wong to officially induct Shang-Chi and Katie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe before departing.

Wong cautions, “You have a long voyage ahead of you,” while Banner says, “Welcome to the circus.” Wong gladly participates in a rendition of Hotel California by the Eagles in order to seal the deal with karaoke.

Shang-chi Scene Post-credits

Following the credits is the second scene. Xiang, portrayed by Menger Zhang, takes center stage this time. We rejoin her as she removes the posters that covered her childhood bedroom as she continues to put away her childhood belongings.

Instead of concluding her father’s terrorist activities, she ascends to the throne and ushers in a new era for the Ten Rings organization. A time of graffiti and hip-hop, during which Razor Fist is joined by her former fight club partner and a new army of martial arts students. “Let’s begin,” Xiang says with menace. “We have a great deal of work to do.”

The film’s closing caption reads, “The Ten Rings will return.” But now that they are under new management, will they be Shang-Chi and the Avengers’ ally or foe?

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How the ‘Shang-chi’ Post-credits Scenes Propel the Latest Marvel Superhero Into Being

This scene begins shortly after Wong (Benedict Wong) emerged at the end of the film to whisk Shang-Chi (Simu Liu) and Katy (Awkwafina) away, saying that they had “much to discuss.”

And thankfully, fans didn’t have to wait many months, years, or films to learn exactly what he meant, as Wong, Shang, and Katy returned in the first post-credits scene to discuss the recently retrieved magical rings from Wenwu (Tony Leung).

“They don’t match any objects in our codex,” a voice observes as the rings are examined, dismissing familiar materials like vibranium as the source of the rings’ power as the camera pans around to reveal familiar faces joining the trio – Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel and Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner, the latter de-Hulked but still sporting the sling he acquired in Avengers: Endgame.

As it turns out, the pair have Zoomed in as they WFH (Work From Holograms) to meet Shang and Katy to investigate the Ten Rings, which have begun delivering a “message” or “beacon” to an unidentified region of the cosmos ever since Wenwu’s evil influence was eliminated.

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What is the message? What beacon is this? To whom, where, or what does it signal? For the time being, it’s a mystery, and Captain Marvel doesn’t stick around to answer many questions.

For his part, founding Avenger Mark Ruffalo merely welcomes Shang and Katy to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the distant rumble of multi-picture deals reverberates in the distance. “Guys, remain safe,” he instructs them. Welcoming you to the circus.

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