Rorschach Ending Explained: What Happened to Seetha and Anil?

Dileep (Asif Ali) was the thief who robbed and murdered Luke’s pregnant wife. With the funds, he was able to construct a bungalow and launch a small company for his wife and mother. Luke returns to his hometown to exact his vengeance by torturing Dileep’s family over time.

Luke initially purchases the home that Dileep and Sujatha were to occupy. Later, he acquires Seetha’s stake in the cashew factory and becomes a co-owner of the business.

Luke offers marriage to Sujatha in order to preserve the property, but he begins to harass her at home and shows up at the workplace to cause disruption.

Luke is plagued by Dileep’s continual presence. The film does not make it clear if Dileep’s appearance was a symptom of Luke’s deteriorating mental health or whether the ghost of Dileep existed to hurt Luke.

Seetha and her children are horrified when Luke fills Dileep’s grave with mud and water and steals the skull. Seetha, Dileep’s mother, reveals herself to be a greedy woman who does not desire a connection with Sujatha but does not refuse to partake in the money Sujatha earns.


Seetha soon displays her true colors when Ashraf confronts them with the facts and news of Dileep’s involvement in the crime in Dubai. Seetha ultimately poisons Ashraf because he blackmailed them.

Rorschach Movie Ending
Rorschach Movie Ending

Meanwhile, Satheeshan enters Ashraf’s residence and discovers Dileep’s history. Prior to his death, Ashraf confided in Luke his knowledge of Dileep’s theft and murder of Luke’s wife, Sophia. Seetha and her son Anil shortly encounter Luke in order to kill him.

The film finishes with Seetha’s son-in-law revealing that Seetha murdered Ashraf, and she is subsequently jailed for the crime. While Luke also admits to killing Dileep, Seetha kills suicide inside the jail cell.

Sheehan informs Sujatha of Dileep’s history and the reason for Luke’s presence in town. Sujatha abandons Luke and burns down the factory, which was formally purchased with the proceeds from the crime.

Luke’s life comes full circle as a result of Sameer Abdul’s story and screenplay. The climax, despite small hurdles, is easily forgotten due to the way in which it is written and accomplished.

Rorschach Movie Ending
Rorschach Movie Ending

Even though the suspension of disbelief is fairly strong in this picture, it somewhat counterbalances the film’s overall tone of seriousness. The film does an excellent job of depicting female characters that are self-sufficient and have the ability to express their own perspectives.


Seetha may be avaricious and patriarchal, but her word is law in the household, and no one questions her behavior. Sujatha refuses to slow down after her husband’s death and continues the business in order to support herself, her family, and her husband’s family.

Even after marrying Luke, she refuses to submit to his demands and leaves as soon as she realizes how controlling he is and his motivation for marrying her.

The film’s conclusion resembles Kevin Spacey’s confession to his crimes in “Seven,” another cult classic psychological thriller directed by David Fincher, while the film’s plot resembles “Thar,” a Netflix Original directed by Raaj Singh Chaudhary.

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