Riverdale Season 7 Release Date: Is Season 7 of Riverdale Really Going to Happen?

Riverdale may have become Rivervale in the first episode of Riverdale’s sixth season, but that doesn’t mean fans are done with the show yet. Things are still getting worse, so we’ll be watching to see what happens next. But will everyone stay in Riverdale for another year, or will some of our favourite characters leave for good?

Here’s everything we know about season 7 of Riverdale.

Riverdale Season 7: Renewal Status

Riverdale is at the top of the list of shows that were renewed by The CW. The show will come back for its seventh season, but the Hollywood Reporter says that this will definitely be the last season.

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This news isn’t too shocking, though, because back in season 4, KJ Apa said that the show’s four main stars had signed on for “the next three years,” which means their contracts will end with season 7. That made it easy for The CW to renew the show for a second season without much trouble.

Mark Pedowitz, chairman and CEO of The CW, told THR, “I’m a big believer in giving long-running shows a proper send-off.” “We want to make sure it gets out the right way.”

Riverdale Season 7: Release Date

Since Riverdale season 6 is still airing, we’ll have to wait a little longer for the season 7 premiere. The last season is set to air in early 2023, but we don’t have a specific date yet.

Who Is in the Cast of Season 7 of Riverdale?

Next season, fans will see familiar faces like K.J. Apa as Archie Andrews, Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom, Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper, Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge, and Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones.

Riverdale Season 7 Release Date

Even though it would be nice to see Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina Spellman again, it seems unlikely that she will come to the 1950s. Alvin Sanders and Madchen Amick as Alice Cooper may also come back. We might get to see Trevor Stines come back as Jason Blossom if the events of the last season go according to plan and he comes back to life after dying in the first season.

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What will happen in Season 7 of Riverdale?

Most of the time, we don’t know what will happen in Riverdale. But history shows that whatever the writers come up with will keep us on the edge of our seats.
The Riverdale gang got superpowers last season, which led to a crossover with Sabrina Spellman from Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Riverdale Season 7 Release Date

By the end, Cheryl Blossom had crazy fire powers. Also, we saw that Archie wakes up in 1955 without knowing what’s going on and has to figure out how to get through the “golden decade.” As a helpful guide through the 1950s, Jughead seems to know what’s going on in the next season.

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Riverdale set up the seventh season with this cliffhanger. The characters are now living in a world that looks like it’s right after World War II, with short, wide ties and dark lipstick with pin curls as the height of fashion.

Is there any Trailer for Riverdale Season 7?

As we know there is no official announcement on Riverdale Season 7. So there is no trailer yet. You can watch the trailer for Riverdale Season 6 below.

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