Reborn Rich Ending Explained: Did Hyun Woo Successful in Taking Revenge?

K-drama On December 25, the 16th and final episode of Reborn Rich aired, leaving fans with more questions than answers. The last two episodes of the popular K-drama didn’t follow the ending of the main webtoon or novel. Here’s how Reborn Rich ends.

After 16 episodes, “Reborn Rich” revealed what was going on with Yoon Hyun Woo and how Jin Do Joon died. In the last episode, the eldest grandson Jin Sung Joon showed how he stopped his cousin Jin Do Joon from becoming king.

Also, episode 16 of “Reborn Rich” shows what really happened to Yoon Hyun Woo. The “Reborn Rich” ending showed how Mr. Yoon was able to live as Jin Do Joon and see his life from his point of view while he was in a coma.

During the voice-over, he says that the time slip or reincarnation was his “penance” for Jin Do Joon and for himself. Do Joon’s death was linked to Yoon Hyun Woo in an unexpected way after the drama aired. He used his second chance to make things right.

Reborn Rich Ending Explained

The ending of Reborn Rich is getting a lot of attention because it is very different from the one in the webtoon. Before we look at how the webcomic ends, let’s quickly go over what happens at the end of episode 16.

Reborn Rich Ending Explained


In episode 16 of Reborn Rich, Dojun’s first self, Hyun Woo, wakes up in a hospital and learns that he was saved after getting shot in the head and being thrown off a cliff.

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So, according to Hyun Woo’s story, he was out of his mind for a whole week and has been living as Do Jun for the past seventeen years. Hyun Woo wonders why the universe put him in the body of Do Jun, Soonyang’s youngest grandson.

Hyun Woo and Do Jun’s Revenge

The main plot of Reborn Rich was revenge, but in the last two episodes, revenge took a very different path. When Hyun Woo first woke up as Do Jun and started living his life, he wanted to get back to his previous life.

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But since the major events couldn’t be changed and Do Jun had to die, Hyun Woo woke up and decided to get revenge for Do Jun’s death and put an end to the Soonyang family’s corrupt powerplay, which was to blame for Do Jun and Hyun Woo’s bad luck.

How Did Jun and Min Young Fall in Love?

The love story of Do Jun and Min Young also ends on an open note, since Min Young is still sad about Do Jun’s death. Hyun Woo was saved by the grim reaper of Soonyang, who helped him win the case against the family and get justice for Do Jun’s death, which was ordered by Jin Yang Cheol’s oldest son, Young Ki.

Reborn Rich Ending Explained

Twenty years after Do Jun’s death, Hyun Woo helped Min Young get justice, which gave her peace. But even though Do Jun’s memory is still there, Hyun Woo doesn’t go after Min Young directly. Instead, he says the same line he once said as Do Jun.

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Our main characters look at Seo Taji in the same spot where Do Jun and Min Young kiss. Even though the ending didn’t show anything starting between them, viewers can hope that Min Young and Hyun woo will keep running into each other and will eventually meet.

Where Did Hyun Woo’s Future Hold?

Hyun Woo has been living as Do Jun for seventeen years, and now he knows what he wants to do in the future. In episode 16, Hyun Woo joins Miracle Investment. With the help of deputy Oh, Hyun Woo ends the Soonyang family’s monopoly on management rights. The Soonyang family has caused enough bloodshed to make sure they stay at the top.

Soonyang’s bright and young grandson Do Jun dies, but Hyun Woo uses the lesson he learned from Do Jun’s life as a guide for his own.

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