How Many Uncharted Post-credits Scenes Are There and What Happens in Them?

So, we’re assuming that you’re about to view the Uncharted post-credits scenes, or have already done so (and need them explained). Fortunately, we have also witnessed it and have pieced it together, much as Nathan Drake does when he solves a mystery.

Nathan Drake’s video game exploits were deliberately theatrical, therefore they have adapted nicely to the big screen.

The Uncharted film is fun, if rather forgettable, blockbuster. We’re still not completely sold on Tom Holland as young Drake, and the less said about Mark Wahlberg as Sully, the better.

Okay, now that you’ve seen the film, let’s dissect the post-credits shenanigans and investigate what just transpired, as well as what it means for future Uncharted films.

The First Post-credits Scene of Uncharted Explained

The first post-credits scene in Uncharted is technically a post-title card scene, as it occurs before the director’s name appears on the screen.

It begins with a shot of a jail that appears to be packed with very sinister individuals, before focusing on a single cell. Sam Drake, Nathan’s brother, who was assumed killed after an off-screen shootout with the film’s major antagonist, is revealed to be its inhabitant.

There is no explanation for how he is alive or why he is in a detention cell, but we show him writing a postcard to Nathan advising him not to trust anyone.

It is unknown whether this postcard will ever reach its intended recipient, but it appears likely that Sam will play a significant role in Uncharted 2, should the film be made.

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This sequence may indicate that additional Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End features will appear in a hypothetical sequel.

The plot of the fourth game revolves around Nathan learning that his brother is still alive, despite his belief that he was killed during a botched prison break. The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection for the PS5 was recently remastered.


Explanation of the Second Uncharted Post-credits Scene

The second post-credits sequence arrives shortly thereafter, and this one will excite fans of the video game series in particular. Nathan is shown in a tropical bar negotiating with a new character named Gage (Pilou Asbaek).

However, the big disclosure is that Gage is working for Roman, who has a particular interest in the Sir Francis Drake ring that Nathan wears around his neck.

Fans of Uncharted will recognize that this presumably refers to Gabriel Roman, the antagonist from Uncharted: Drake Fortune (2007). In this game, Nathan and Sully search for El Dorado while Roman pursues them. Perhaps a sequel to Uncharted will adapt the plot of the first game in the series.

The tense argument between Nathan and Gage gradually deteriorates, and Sully comes in wearing a mustache, an additional winking reference that will please long-time players. As the pair attempts to flee, they are stopped in their tracks by an unseen individual.

This unknown character’s name is not revealed, however, she may be journalist Elena Fisher. She is a significant character in the Uncharted video game series and Drake’s primary romantic interest. Her exclusion from the Uncharted film was unexpected, thus it seems likely that she will appear in a sequel.


Alternately, this moment could be laying the ground for the return of Chloe Frazer, who is guaranteed to have a grudge against the daring couple after they betrayed her in the film’s third act.

Whoever this unknown individual is, it is evident from these post-credits scenes that Sony has ambitious ambitions for the Uncharted film franchise in the future. Uncharted 2 appears likely, but the ultimate choice will depend on the reception and box office performance of the first film.

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