Post-credits Scene From the Matrix Resurrections Explained

Although The Matrix Reloaded ended with a teaser trailer for Revolutions, the Matrix franchise has not been properly identified with credits scenes.

Since the conclusion of the trilogy in 2003, the MCU has nearly made credit sequences a must for most blockbusters. And with The Matrix Resurrections skewering current cinematic conventions with meta-commentary, does it continue beyond the end credits?

If you only want to know if you should stay till the end credits, the answer is yes. There is a post-credits sequence in The Matrix Resurrections, although it occurs at the very end of the credits rather than in the middle.

However, this is not a moment that sets up The Matrix 5, but rather a humorous comedy that references a previous scene in the film. Therefore, whether you didn’t stay till the end credits or simply want to know what it’s about, we’re here to help.


Explanation of the Matrix Resurrections Post-Credits Scene

The credits scene returns to the brainstorming group at Deus Machina, where a sequel to The Matrix trilogy is being developed.

In this revised version of The Matrix, the events of the trilogy have been transformed into a renowned video game franchise produced by Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves).

matrix resurrection post credit scene
matrix resurrection post-credit scene

At the beginning of the film, Warner Bros. requests a sequel to the trilogy rather than the new game Thomas is developing.

During the course of the film, we see a brainstorming session, and we return to this group in the post-credits sequence. One of them laments that not only are movies and video games “dead,” but also storytelling.

Consequently, there is only one conceivable path to take. The Internet is obsessed with cat videos, so The Matrix combines the two. Something that actually occurred, and likely another Easter egg in the film.

And that concludes the scene. Obviously, the next Matrix film could be a cat remake for all we know, but despite our desire for that to happen, this is merely a humorous sequence that mocks the increasing importance of credit scenes.


Some fans may be disappointed that they had to wait, but at least they will have witnessed the enormous number of individuals that worked on the new film.

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