My Name is Vendetta Ending Explained: What Happens to Sofia and Why Did She Kill Michele?

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The Storyline of the My Name is Vendetta

A stylish Italian vengeance thriller, My Name is Vendetta can be found streaming on Netflix. The central idea of the film has the protagonists, Santo (Alessandro Gassmann) and Sofia (Ginevra Francesconi), becoming entangled in a Mafia revenge scheme that had been in the works for years but went off the rails after a careless blunder.

While on the run, they must choose their next course of action to avoid being struck first by their adversaries. Santo’s adversaries are old nemesis. My Name is Vendetta is a little over 90 minutes long, but it’s packed with nonstop action and genre thrills.

The Italian film’s commercial appeal is skewed, despite the fact that it’s not the best movie ever made about revenge.

My Name is Vendetta
My Name is Vendetta

In this breakdown of the last moments of My Name is Vendetta, we discuss the story’s arc, breaking down the film’s many moving elements and discussing the characters’ motivations. In this article, we’ll address all of your questions regarding the Netflix release of My Name is Vendetta.

My Name is Vendetta Ending Explained: Why Did Sofia Murder Michele, and What Happens to Her?

Sofia turned into a Franze when she decided to escape away. So, let’s quickly review what transpired. After Domenic murders Rudi and Michele try to negotiate a deal with Sofia, telling her that she cannot follow in her father’s footsteps, Domenic is already on his way to murder Angelo.

He realized that he could not continue to flee forever, and he certainly did not want that for Sofia. By murdering Angelo’s son, he had to “conclude what he began 20 years earlier.”

When Domenic murdered Don for murdering his family, vengeance came full circle. He believed the chain would be broken if the police murdered him. In contrast, upon his death, Sofia is admitted to a Catholic housing home. Michele visits her and wants to ally her with him, but she refuses fiercely.

Sofia fled before Ferrario, who now works for Michele, and demonstrates that he has become like his father in that he lacks morals, dignity, and pride, which could kill her. As Michel enters his office, she is already seated and stabs him in the face, informing him that Franze is still alive.

Her fate has come full circle, and she will likely carry on the family name in the same manner.

She decided not to follow a new path in life and discovered that the rules of the game were unchanged: kill or be killed. Sofia could not have evaded the chaos. Domenic acted as a father when he decided to or considered the potential of giving Sofia a normal existence.

That was simply impossible for her. The heritage of his family name and Domenic’s past will always be with her.

Even if it is not the purest of endings, it certainly redeems the picture in the eyes of purists who can appreciate the bold artistic choice made here.

Where Can I Watch a Women-talking Movie?

This film is available online, at the digital TIFF Bell Lightbox.

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