Mayans MC Season 5 Release Date: Is It Happening or Not?

When does season 5 of Mayans MC come out? With four seasons under its belt, it’s safe to say that Mayans MC has moved out of Sons of Anarchy’s shadow and become its own TV show.

The story of the eponymous biker gang on the Mexican border during a particularly hard time has added a lot to Son’s universe in many ways. We now know more about the history of the Cartel, the complicated politics that make this area of California hard to develop, and, of course, the Mayans MC, who used to be the Sons of Anarchy’s enemies but are now their allies.

What will happen when Mayans MC season 5 comes out? The show’s main characters, brothers EZ and Angel, are on two different paths. Angel is getting a taste of family life, while EZ is getting more involved in the club’s bloody philosophy. Where could they go from here? What’s up with all the police who keep showing up? We’ve answered all of your questions, but we have nothing to say about how you got here…

Mayans MC season 5: Release Date

The Mayans MC season 5 has been given the go-ahead, but we don’t know when it will come out. FX told people at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 that there will be at least one more season.

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The last two renewals happened around the end of the show. During the pandemic, the premiere of Mayans MC moved from the fall to the summer, so it’s possible that the date will change again. Keep watching.

Who will be in Season 5 of Mayans MC?

We think that everyone left on the Mayans MC cast will make it to season 5. This includes J.D. Pardo as EZ Reyes, Sarah Bolger as Emily Thomas, Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes, Carla Baratta as Adelita, and Emilio Rivera as Marcus Alvarez.

Mayans MC Season 5

To be sure, we’ll have to see who’s signed on for Mayans MC Season 5 and who makes it through the end of Season 4. In the series finales we’ve seen so far, bodies have always been found, so it’s likely that we’ll find one or two more before the end.

What Could Happen in the Mayans MC Season 5?

Mayans MC season 5 could look into a lot of different kinds of stories. At the top of the list are EZ and his many ideas about how the club should move forward. Many of the members, including EZ, think that they should start selling drugs again and go to war with the Sons of Anarchy. Marcus Alvarez, who is in charge of the table, doesn’t agree, and this has made people angry.

Mayans MC Season 5

The audience now knows that Creeper’s girlfriend, Kate, is a spy. This tension is likely to last through the next season and maybe even longer. On top of these stories, Angel and Adelita are having a child.

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Having a baby around will change how the show is set up. Angel will care most about the child’s well-being, and it’s possible that this will conflict with what the club needs and wants. Could Angel stop doing what he was supposed to do for the Mayans? Keep an eye on that one in your rearview mirror.

Mayans MC Season 5: Trailer

As we know there is no official announcement on Mayans MC Season 5. So there is no trailer yet. You can watch the trailer for Mayans MC Season 4 below.

Where Can We Watch Mayans MC?

Fans on both sides of the Atlantic are in luck: Mayan MC can be streamed on a number of sites. Mayans MC is available on Hulu in the United States. In the United Kingdom, you can watch it on Sky Go, BBC iPlayer, and Disney Plus.

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Disney Plus only has the first three seasons of shows right now. This is because the platform only gets full seasons after the show has finished airing. In the coming weeks, the Mayans will come roaring around the corner and onto the service.

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