Laverne Cox Discuss Transgender Dating Challenges With Angelica Ross

Actresses Laverne Cox and Angelica Ross have come to realize this over the years. In this sneak preview for the If We’re Being Honest episode airing on November 16 of E!, the two transgender ladies sit down to talk about their most terrifying dating experiences.

Laverne begins by describing the incident when a man questioned her gender identity while she was out with a companion for a stroll in the park.

The Inventing Anna star described the tense event as “my friend yells, ‘F you,’ and guy had one of those foldable chairs and he went after my friend.” The natural reaction of my companion was to put distance between us so that the other person wouldn’t pursue us.

Fortunately, the argument, according to Laverne, “was done as fast as it started,” but what most astonished her was the catalyst for it.

She added, “He was looking into things, wasn’t sure if it was good for him to be drawn to me, in his mind. So that’s why he had to specify whether it was a man or a woman.

As a Transgender Person, Laverne Cox is Breaking Down Barriers

Pride is when people celebrate who they are and show how far gay rights have come. Even though more people are learning about and supporting the community, members still face discrimination and mental health issues.

During June, we want to teach and encourage you to learn more about how you can be a better ally to the LGBTQ community and support this celebration of acceptance and love.

The third person to be highlighted is Laverne Cox, an American actress who has been nominated for an Emmy, stars in the Netflix show Orange is the New Black and fights for LGBT rights.


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She was born in Mobile, AL, and started taking dance lessons when she was eight years old. Her childhood was filled with dance recitals and talent shows because she wanted to be famous on Broadway, TV, and in movies.

She was very feminine at this time in her life. She was picked on and teased at school, and other kids made fun of her.

Cox began her medical transition and living and identifying as a woman when she was in college. She did drag shows in nightclubs so she could still do what she wanted to do: perform.

Candis Cayne was the first transgender actress to play a transgender character in a primetime show. She did this in the 2007 show Dirty Sexy Money. Cox didn’t think it was possible to be out as trans and work as an actress at the same time. Once the movie opened, she sent a postcard to about 500 agents and casting directors with her contact information.

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Hear Laverne Cox and Angelica Ross Discuss the Challenges of Dating as a Transgender Woman

Laverne Cox and Angelica Ross have acquired this knowledge over the years. In this sneak peek of the November 16 episode of E!’s We’re Being Honest, the two reveal their most terrifying dating experiences as transgender women.

Laverne continues by describing the time a man questioned her gender identity when she and a buddy were strolling through a park. “My friend responds, ‘F you,’ and he rushes after my friend with one of those folding chairs,” the Inventing Anna star revealed of the terrifying encounter. My friend’s first response was to place himself between me and the individual to prevent the man from pursuing me.

Laverne Cox transgender
Laverne Cox transgender

Laverne stated that the incident was “finished as quickly as it began,” but the reason why it occurred astonished her the most. She said, “He was assessing the situation, unsure if it was acceptable for him to be drawn to me in his opinion.” Therefore, he needed to confirm if he was a boy or a lady.

Unfortunately, Laverne’s experience is not uncommon for trans women, particularly when it comes to dating applications.

“Instead of saying, “Oh, I’m not interested,” they become angry that they’ve been paired with us. “Mismatch,” “a 50-year-old man observed. “They flag our profiles, which leads to so many males flagging them that our accounts are terminated. And they say, “You’re doing something crazy,” to which I respond, “No. I am simply being transgender on a dating app.”

However, having your account removed pales in comparison to Angelica’s worst interaction on a dating app. “A dude literally threatened to shoot me,” the Pose alum revealed. He threatened to kill me from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Because you two met on a dating app? Angelica said, “Yeah, and because I called him out for his ignorance,” in response to Laverne’s question.

Laverne concluded the emotional discussion by offering dating app advice to trans women: “You should really simply un-match and delete and move on.”

Check out the clip above and tune in to E! at 10 p.m. tonight to hear the complete chat between Laverne and Angelica.

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