Is There a Post-credits Scene in ”no Time to Die”? Confirmation Available Here

No Time To Die, the fifth and final James Bond film starring Daniel Craig, has finally arrived in the United States. The film concludes Craig’s five-feature stint as 007 in a grand, explosive, and audacious fashion.

No Time To Die is action-packed, with imaginative set pieces and a wide variety of ass-kicking abilities that demonstrate the franchise’s voracious desire. In addition, the film is an emotional culmination of Craig’s 15-year tenure in the renowned role.

This modern age of James Bond films is distinguished by their serialized tales that continue from film to film, as opposed to the isolated chapters of earlier Bond films.

As a result, the plot of No Time To Die carries a great deal of weight, for better or ill. This contributes to the enhancement of the film’s thematic worth but also causes its plot to become a bit bloated.

Due to the serialized nature of Craig’s 007 films and the blockbuster tradition pioneered by Marvel Studios, fans have been inquiring online if No Time To Die has a post-credits sequence.

Is There a Post-Credits Scene in No Time to Die?

No, No Time to Die does not contain an after-credits scene. There is neither a teaser for the next adventure nor a preview of what may be in store for the franchise in the future.

There is no need for an epilogue or continuation of any sort in No Time To Die, which serves as a fitting finish to Daniel Craig’s tenure. Therefore, as the credits begin to roll, you may exit the theatre.

Obviously, this does not indicate that the James Bond franchise is out of ammunition. Amazon’s acquisition of MGM, a co-owner of the 007 film franchise, bodes well for the future of the film franchise.

Barbara Broccoli, the film’s producer, has stated that the search for Daniel Craig’s replacement will begin in 2022, and we have already begun compiling a shortlist of qualified contenders. While it is possible to guess James Bond’s future, the post-credits scene in No Time To Die will not provide any such suggestions.


What the End of Post-credits in No Time to Die Really Mean

No Time to Die concludes with the death of James Bond. In a groundbreaking first for the franchise, the film essentially destroys Daniel Craig’s 007 characters. How could he possibly return if he’s 100% dead? There are two possible responses, depending on how you view the full 25-film tale.

no time to die post credit scene
no time to die post-credit scene

When the post-credits sequence states that James Bond will return, they are referring to the character as its whole, albeit with a different actor in a rebooted franchise. Consequently, the next film will have a new 007, a new M, and a new Q.

This would certainly be a well-deserved reboot for the brand, which has been through many growing pains due to Daniel Craig’s unique portrayal of James Bond – some of his films are excellent, but others are not.

On the other hand, this means that Ralph Fiennes, Ben Wishaw, and even Lashana Lynch, who seemed poised to take over the series and even earns the 007 monikers in No Time to Die, must depart.

According to a common fan idea, James Bond is merely a moniker assigned to each new 007 when the previous one retires or dies. This argument is slightly undermined by the existence of Lynch’s character Nomi, but the next “James Bond” film could show it accurately.


If the next film recasts James Bond but retains Naomie Harris as Money Penny, it would almost establish that 007’s name and title are fictitious.

Alternatively, perhaps we are reading too much into the No Time to Die end credits. James Bond will return, he is James Bond, after all!

As far as we can tell, not even the studio knows who will play 007 in the next film, therefore it is probably premature to predict about the future.

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