Is There a Post-Credits Scene in Disney’s Jungle Cruise?

The premiere of “Jungle Cruise” in theatres and on Disney+’s Premier Access has sent fans to the Amazon with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. It took years, but Disney has finally adapted one of its original attractions for the big screen. Indeed, it is a wild trip.

Like the ride upon which it is based, the film takes viewers on a trek along the Amazon River. Frank (Dwayne Johnson) is a skipper similar to the ones in the theme parks, in that he cracks many bad jokes and shows his passengers mediocre sights, including the Backside of Water, the eighth wonder of the world.

Obviously, this is insufficient to sustain a film, so what follows is a true adventure story in which Frank is coerced into assisting Dr. Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt) and her brother McGregor in their search for “the tears of the moon.” According to tradition, this is a miraculous plant that can cure all ills, curses, and diseases.

We will not provide any spoilers, but “Jungle Cruise” certainly leaves the door open for future excursions. So, is there a scene after the credits that formally establishes this future?


There is gorgeous artwork of the cast in character throughout the closing credits, but there is no mid-credits stinger. Additionally, there is nothing at the end of the credits, as is customary for Disney films.

Jungle Cruise
Jungle Cruise

Fans may recall that “Pirates of the Caribbean,” Disney’s first foray into developing a film based on one of the park’s rides, as well as its four sequels, had a stinger at the end of the credits.

Only one of the “Pirates” post-credit scenes (“Dead Men Tell No Tales”) truly built up a prospective continuation of the story, but each had a subtle reference to previously established plot elements.


Will There Be a Jungle Cruise Sequel?

There is currently no confirmation of a sequel. In their interview with The Hollywood Reporter, though, a sequel to the film and Johnson’s involvement with Blunt in a future picture he is producing were discussed.

He remarked of Blunt, “Not only is she a huge movie star, but she’s also the most compassionate person I’ve ever encountered.”

Few specifics about either of these projects have been disclosed, but this may indicate that Blunt has joined forces with Johnson and other notable figures, like actor Kevin Hart and screenwriter Chris Morgan.

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