How to Watch the Glory? A Streaming Guide!

The people who made Strangers and The Heirs have made a masterpiece about getting even. The story of this show, which is called “The Glory,” is about Moon Dong-eun, who has been patiently waiting for years to get revenge for being bullied in High School.

The show is not your typical revenge show, and once you see the exciting trailer, you’ll know that Moon Dong-eun is more than you might think. Since The Glory is written by Kim Eun-sook, who also wrote Mr. Sunshine, Descendants of the Sun, and many other popular dramas, we can expect it to be a hit.

Song Hye-Kyo and Lee Do-Hyun are set to play the main characters in this exciting drama. This will be the first time we see Song Hye-kyo in a role that is so different from the ones she has played in the past, which had very different themes. The Glory will be a murder mystery and thriller drama with a bit of suspense.

This show started making at the beginning of 2021. Hwa&Dam Pictures and Netflix are said to be behind it. It will come out in two parts, each of which will have about eight episodes.

All About the Cast in “The Glory”

Most of the actors in The Glory are well-known actors who have been in hit dramas in the past. Song Hye-Kyo will play the role of Moon Dong-eun, who is angry about being bullied in school and has decided to bring down everyone who was involved.

Song Hye-kyo started acting when she was only 14 years old, in 1996. Movies like “Countdown” and “My Brilliant Life” and TV shows like “Encounter,” “Full House,” and “All In” are some of her works (2003).

How to Watch the Glory

Lee Do-Hyun will play Jun Yeo-Jeong, who will be her partner in crime. Jun Yeo-Jeong meets Dong-eun and feels the same way she does about wanting revenge. He decides to help her.

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Lee Do-hyun has been in a number of shows, such as Hotel Del Luna, Melancholia, and Beyond Evil. Since he started acting in 2017, he has won many awards for the different roles he has played.

A look at the Storyline of “The Glory”

Anyone who wanted to be a well-known architect one day would think Moon Dong-eun was a good student when he was young. When kids at school pick on her, her life turns into a nightmare. It gets so bad that she stops having any hope for the future.

How to Watch the Glory

She holds on to the dark feeling and buries it deep in her heart. Years go by, and now Dong-eun is a homeroom teacher for first-grade kids. Even the mean kids had grown up, gotten married, and had their own kids. They send their children to the same school where Dong-eun works. This gives Dong-eun a way to get revenge on the bullies who don’t seem to know about it.

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When Moon Dong-eun meets Jun Yeo-Jeong, they soon start to work together. From the trailer, it looks like Yeo-Jeong will be Dong-right-hand eun’s man and do the killings for her.

Even though there are a lot of dramas with similar themes, The Glory has a much more complicated and dark story, with different ways of getting revenge. It will be interesting to see how writer Kim Eun-sook shows such strong emotions over the course of 16 episodes.

How to Stream Season 1 of The Glory?

The Glory will be available to stream on Netflix at around 2:00 am ET and 1:00 am CT. It was made by Netflix (US). When it comes out in other places, it will be:

Australia: Friday, 6 p.m. UK: Friday, 7 a.m. India: Friday, 12:30 p.m. Pakistan: Friday, 12 p.m. Japan: Friday, 4 p.m. Korea: Friday, 4 p.m. Canada: Friday, 2 a.m.

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The exact times might be a little different, but the episodes will be on the website at some point on December 30, 2022. So head over to Netflix to see this unique take on revenge.

The Glory Episode Guide

Netflix has ordered about eight episodes for the first season of The Glory. They will all come out on the same day. In March 2023, the last eight episodes will be shown. By the end of season 2, there will have been 16 episodes.

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