How to Watch Disenchanted? A Streaming Guide!

Disenchanted is the sequel to Enchanted that everyone has been waiting for for 15 years. In the sequel, which takes place 15 years after the happy ending, Giselle and Robert meet again. They don’t like living in the city, so they move to Monroeville, a suburb, to find a better way of life.

Giselle is unhappy with her life and turns to magic to try to find a solution when she realises there may not be a quick fix for her problems. Monroeville turned into a real-life fairy tale by accident, but it’s not as magical as it seems at first.

“Disenchanted” has a lot of important characters from the musical “Enchanted,” which came out in 2007. Patrick Dempsey, Amy Adams, James Marsden, and Idina Menzel are all back to play the same characters: King Edward, Giselle, Robert, and Queen Nancy. But how do I watch Disenchanted?

About Disenchanted Plot

In the movie Disenchanted, Giselle, her husband Robert, and her stepdaughter Morgan are moving from New York City to Monroeville. Ten years pass between Enchanted and Disenchanted. When the family moves into their new home, they meet Malvina Monroe, who is the leader of the neighbourhood.

How to Watch Disenchanted

It’s clear right away that they shouldn’t trust her. Soon after, Giselle and her family run into trouble. Giselle needs a beautiful fairy tale to make her happy again. As her plan goes horribly wrong, she must use everything she has to save the people she cares about before midnight.

Recap of Enchanted

Disenchanted is the follow-up to the movie Enchanted, which came out in 2007. The original movie starts when the evil Queen Narissa forces Giselle through a portal. It is a modern retelling of stories about princesses like Snow White and Cinderella.

Prince Edward, Giselle’s new true love, has a stepmother named Narissa. When Giselle and Edward get married, Narissa will lose her crown. Giselle is taken through the portal to the real city of New York, where she meets the cynical divorce lawyer Robert and his daughter Morgan.

How to Watch Disenchanted

Robert offers to help Giselle get back to Andalasia and find Edward, who went through the portal as soon as he found out what happened. But when Robert starts to like Giselle more and more and she realises that life isn’t always perfect, the old saying “opposites attract” comes true.

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Like most well-known romances, the movie ends with Robert and Giselle giving each other a kiss of true love and starting their happily ever after. After fifteen years since the movie Enchanted came out, fans will finally get to see what happens after the happy ending in Disenchanted.

How To Watch Disenchanted?

Anyone who has Disney+ can watch Disenchanted right now on the service without having to pay extra. Not a member of Disney+? Not a big deal. You can sign up for the streaming service for $7.99 per month or $79.90 for the whole year, which is a 16% savings and gives you 12 months for the price of 10 months.

Disney+ doesn’t have a free trial right now, which is a shame. But if O2 is your mobile service provider, you may be able to save money because they give new and existing customers six months of Disney+ for free. If you already have O2 and don’t want to upgrade, you could add Disney Plus to your plan and save $2 a month.

If you want a better deal, you can sign up for the Disney+ bundle, which gives you access to Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ for $13.99 per month. Get the bundle if you want to stream sports games or watch shows like “Only Murders in the Building” on the Hulu platform. You can sign up for all three streaming services for a small fee.

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After signing up for Disney+, you can watch Disenchanted on your phone, smart TV, tablet, or even your laptop. You can also cast Disenchanted with Google Chromecast, Apple TV, or the Roku streaming stick. If you want to watch the first Enchanted movie again before seeing the second one, you can do so on Disney+, where you can also watch a lot of other Disney classics and fan favourites.

Should I Watch “Enchanted” before “Disenchanted”?

Even though it’s a sequel, Enchanted doesn’t have to be seen before Disenchanted. Based on what we know so far, the premise and plot of Disenchanted seem to be very different. But since most of the characters from the last movie are likely to come back, some background information would be helpful.

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Enchanted might be a good thing to watch if you want to know everything that’s going on because, like most sequels, there will be lots of Easter eggs and inside jokes hidden in it.

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