God’s Crooked Lines Ending Explained: Is Alice Really Mad?

God’s Crooked Lines (originally called Los renglones torcidos de Dios) was a hit at the Spanish box office, and it will continue to win over viewers when it comes to Netflix on December 6. The director, Oriol Paulo, is someone who knows how to get people interested. And, just like in Misadventure and During the Storm, his endings and plot twists are already well-known and loved by his fans.

The movie God’s Crooked Lines is based on a book by Torcuato Luca de Tena of the same name. Even though she lets her imagination run wild, Alice in the book and Alice in the movie are very similar. Even though their endings are a little bit different. The main reason is that in a book, you have more time to show how the characters interact with each other, while in a movie, you don’t have as much time.

How Do God’s Crooked Lines End? 

Maybe this is the big question that God’s crooked lines are trying to answer. And we don’t have a clear answer until the end, because the movie keeps playing with us until the very end. Alice is crazy, though (or mentally unstable). Alice really does have paranoia. It is only in the last scene that it becomes clear.

After she wins the trial that will decide if she can leave the mental hospital, a familiar face walks into the middle of the court. It’s about her family doctor, Dr. Donadio, who went with her to the centre on her first day and told her to leave on her own because she was scared.

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She thought that Dr. Donadio was Federico del Olmo, the boy’s father who had killed himself and that she had hired him to look into the case. But we already knew Federico del Olmo was a different kind of person. When Alice sees Dr. Donadio at the trial, she realises that he is paranoid and that everything he has done has been made up in his mind. So she looks very confused when she looks at the camera.

Did Alice Try to Kill Her Husband With Poison?

Director Alvar’s theory is very simple: Dr. Donado said in his statement, which may not be as false as we thought, that the woman is a skilled manipulator who has the scientific knowledge to poison the unfaithful husband she wants to get rid of. In Doctor Alice’s reconstruction, she poisons her husband Heliodorus twice.

God’s Crooked Lines Ending Explained

After being saved by doctor Donado with a gastric lavage, he finds the test tube of poison that his wife was hiding and poisons her to prove that she had tried to kill her. Once his theories are proven, Heliodoro gives Donadio the job of putting Alice in a mental hospital. Alice’s mind, trying to take the blame for the failed attempt to kill her husband, comes up with a complicated theory to explain why she should be locked up.

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The case she has to solve and the fact that Garcia del Olmo hired her are all tricks in her mind to help her deal with where she is. The director then decides to give her electroshock therapy to try to cure her of what he thinks is madness. But after the violent treatment, the woman finds herself going back through her memories to remember what happened before she went to the hospital.

Was Alice Framed?

Alice finds out a shocking fact as she “reviews” the events that led to her being locked up in an asylum: her husband and the supposed Garcia del Olmo agreed from the start. The woman was set up by her husband, who had a complicated plan to get rid of her and take her money. He paid someone to play Garcia del Olmo, paid the family doctor to say she was crazy, and probably also paid the director Alvar. By putting his wife in jail, the man can get his money back and have a secure accomplice.

God’s Crooked Lines Ending Explained

Alice tells Montserrat and Dr. Arellano about her theory and gets them to check both her bank accounts and those of the director Alvar, who may have been corrupted by Heliodorus. If both of Alice’s bank accounts were empty, it would prove that her husband, who no one can reach, ran off with their money.

Montserrat finds out that the woman’s husband gave Alvar a very large check at the same time she moved into the building. Director Alvar sees her looking through her papers. She says that the money was just a donation to the hospital and that she did nothing wrong. He then gives her the licence right away.

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Now that Alice is sure she knows everything, she can only do one thing: get out of the asylum and look for her husband. To do this, she makes a complicated plan with the help of the other people in the facility. Urquieta, a man who was hospitalised for a severe fear of water and who was close to her from the start, helps her the most. He is the only patient who has been given a lighter because he is less “dangerous” than the others. And Alice’s plan will begin with that lighter.

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