Eternals Post Credit Scene: How Many Eternals Post-credits Sequences Are There?

Surprisingly, there are a handful of Eternals post-credits scenes to see while the audience nervously leaves the theatre.

The joke is on them; there are many reasons to stay. The Eternals’ post-credits scenes foreshadow the destinies of multiple characters and set up prospective spinoffs.

Therefore, let’s jump right into them – and how they alter the MCU. First, how many post-credits sequences are aired following the end of Eternals?

How Many Post-credits Scenes Are There in Eternals?

There are two post-credits scenes in Eternals. The first one follows the traditional flashy credits sequence that lists the principal cast. The second one occurs approximately five minutes after the closing credits have concluded. Thereafter, you are free to go!

Black Knight and the Ebony Blade Appear in an Eternal Post-credits Scene

The second teaser focuses on Sersi’s (Gemma Chan) human boyfriend, Dane Whitman, as he reacts to her kidnapping by Arnhem.

In his office, we observe Dane preparing to open a mysterious package bearing his family crest.

He assures himself, “You can do this…you can do this,” before ripping it open to reveal a wrapped-up blade.

This sword, however, is not like any other; it has its own motto (“Death is my reward”) and a propensity of muttering foul words when it is opened, much like the One Ring.

Dane responds, “I’m sorry, but I have to try,” and reaches for the sword before being halted by another voice.


Eternals Post-credit Scene Explained

In the first Eternals post-credits sequence, Drug, Thena, and Makkari ponder what to do now that Arishem has abducted their companions left on Earth at the conclusion of the film.

Then, someone who supposedly knows their location unexpectedly appears Eros (Harry Styles), Thanos’s brother, also known as Starfox.

He is accompanied by Pip the Troll (Patton Oswalt). It is unclear where they will all go next, but Starfox is along for the voyage and, at least temporarily, will join the Eternals in their search for Arnhem.

In the second post-credits scene, Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman opens a box containing a sword. Even the Latin description is foreboding, translating to “Death is my prize.”

This does not deter Dane, who declares, “I have to try” and approaches the blade. Just before he does so, a voice asks him, “Are you certain you’re prepared, Mr. Whitman? ” In case there was ever any doubt, there is also confirmation that “The Eternals will return.”

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