Emily in Paris Season 3 Review: Stay Tuned for an Update on the Release Date for Season 4

Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), one year after relocating from Chicago to Paris for her dream career, finds herself at a crossroads in every facet of her life.

Throughout season 3 of Emily in Paris, our people-pleasing protagonist must decide where her personal and professional loyalty lie, a difficult decision for a woman who wants everyone to be happy.

As with previous seasons, Emily in Paris Season 3 does not exclude the sex, fashion, or tasteful drama that viewers have come to anticipate from the Darren Star series. And despite our wish that Emily might be a bit more self-centered in this third season of Emily in Paris, we give it a positive assessment.

Emily in Paris Season 3 Review

Emily Cooper has always been a good-natured young lady. In the cutthroat marketing world of Savoir, the French subsidiary of Emily’s Chicago-based Gilbert Group, this did not immediately work to her advantage. Emily nevertheless managed to impress Sylvie Grateau (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) and establish her reputation.

The tradition of Emily being a kind girl continues in the third season of Emily in Paris. This season, however, her inability to make judgments due to their influence on others becomes quite aggravating.


She shouldn’t become completely self-centered, but she shouldn’t put everyone else in her life before herself. It is time for her to claim her rights, which include the right to a successful profession and to love.

Emily enables a number of individuals to walk all over her in season 3 of the Netflix series, both at work and in her personal relationships. However, this is what propels the story.

Emily in Paris, like Outer Banks, satisfies the viewer’s wanderlust. But more than that, the series makes us the envy Emily’s unfettered fashion confidence.

The wardrobes seen in Emily in Paris Season 3 were created by more than one hundred designers, and that’s just for the clothing. The third season features the work of thousands of designers for accessories, headgear, bags, and footwear.

This season, Emily’s dress choices are everything but subtle, but she finally feels at home in Paris. Emily’s attire, from her Christian Lacroix Vintage headgear to her Burberry, Vintage, Dolce & Gabbana, and Louis Vuitton suit, pays homage to her success in establishing herself in France.

Behind the scenes, we applaud Fitoussi, who remains courageous in her fashion choices and continues to inspire viewers to make daring fashion decisions themselves.

The novel “Emily in Paris” Season 3’s conclusion will keep us wanting more.
Emily in Paris’s first two seasons ended on cliffhangers. Emily receives a text message from Camille (Camille Razat) on Gabriel’s (Lucas Bravo) decision to stay in Paris and her want to meet up with Emily in the season 1 finale.

‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3 Review
‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3 Review

Emily is uncertain if Camille is aware of their relationship. At the conclusion of the second season, when her declaration of love for Gabriel is interrupted by Camille, Emily phones Sylvie with a job update.

The season concludes without telling whether she will continue to work for Savoir in Paris or return to Chicago with her longtime mentor Madeline (Kate Walsh).

Season 3’s conclusion is identical to that of previous seasons, which is another reason why Emily in Paris is so fun to watch.


There is lingering tension between Emily and Gabriel, whose relationship has been hinted at since season 1. This will-they-or-won’t-they tension continues throughout season 3 until Gabriel delivers an incredible bombshell on Emily in the finale.

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