Does Episode 5 of Loki Have a Post-credits Scene? Find Out All the Information

Loki, Marvel’s third MCU streaming series on Disney+, is presently underway, providing fans with a terrific follow-up to the Asgardian prince’s departure from Avengers: Endgame. However, does each episode have a post-credits scene, the most iconic of Marvel’s teases?

Loki teamed up with a motley band of Loki Variants, Sylvie, and Mobius in Episode 5: “Journey Into Mystery” to survive the Void, a cosmic limbo where all points in time converge at the end of the cosmos.

There, they fought a big, ravenous cloud creature named Alioth (and some other cunning Lokis) in order to return Mobius to the TVA and get our heroes, Loki and Sylvie, to the realm beyond, where they believe the person who is secretly heading the TVA resides.

Loki Episode 5: No Post-Credit Scene

No, Episode 5 does not have a post-credit scene. Classic Loki (portrayed by Richard E. Grant) sacrifices himself at the end of “Journey Into Mystery” so that Loki and Sylvie can each take one of Alioth’s smoke tendrils and work together to enchant the beast.

Loki Episode 5
Loki Episode 5

They halted Alioth with the use of Loki’s magic and opened a portal to a region beyond the creature’s domain. A vast extradimensional mansion awaits the two as they prepare to see the presumably powerful creature that established the TVA. We’re set to get a tonne of answers in next week’s finale, which is the final episode.


Does Episode 5 of Loki Contain a Post-credits Scene?

As previously stated, the fourth episode of the show featured a significant post-credits scene. As a result of seeing the three additional Loki Variants, fans realized that Loki is not actually dead. Therefore, fans anticipated a similar type of post-credits scene in Episode 5.

Similar to the previous three episodes, the most recent episode of Loki lacks a post-credits scene. Nonetheless, you should not leave your displays during the closing credits.

The creators of the show are intelligent enough to include easter eggs in the credits, as they did in the second episode. You should thus watch the end credits if you are a true genius at identifying little hints.

There are both old and new views of the TVA offices in the end credits. If you wish to detect something intriguing, you must observe every frame of that scenario with diligence.

Loki Episode 4: Variants Post Credit Scene

After four episodes, Loki’s first post-credits sequence finally arrives, and it’s entertaining. After Ravonna eliminated Loki from the timeline, it is revealed that he has not been dead, but rather relocated to a new location.

There, he is awoken by four new varieties of Loki. Old Loki, portrayed by Richard E. Grant and wearing an outfit inspired by classic Marvel comics, is the only one to speak.

He is accompanied by a Loki holding what appears to be a homemade Mjolnir hammer, played by Debbie Oparei and credited in the German credits as ‘Prahlerischer Loki,’ which translates as Boastful Loki.


Jack Veal portrays Kid Loki, who is best remembered for his debut in the comics Journey into Mystery and Young Avengers. And on the knee of Young Loki is a crocodile (or alligator?) sporting a Loki crown… so likely Croc Loki?

“Am I in Hel? Loki inquires, “Am I dead? “, to which Old Loki responds, “Not yet. But you will be if you do not join us.” The gang appears to be standing in the aftermath of the apocalypse, perhaps in New York City. A tantalizing preview of Episode 5’s content.

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