Doctor Strange 2 Credit Scene: How Many Post-credits Segments Are There?

Doctor Strange 2’s post-credits scene is likely to be the first clip you fast-forward to on Disney Plus now that Multiverse of Madness is available. Not only does it introduce you-know-who to the MCU, but it may also be the first step in building up Marvel’s next major event film.

In a recent interview with Total Film, Kevin Feige teased that additional information about the next MCU story will be released “in the coming months.” However, it’s possible that the ball has already been rolling in this respect. And for that, you can thank a certain Supreme Sorcerer.

There are, without a doubt, some first-time visitors to Multiverse of Madness. Hello! If you’re curious about what occurs after the credits, we have a comprehensive description of the Doctor Strange 2 post-credits scenes, including how many there are, what happens, and what it could all signify.

How Many Post-credits Sequences Are in Doctor Strange 2?

There are two post-credits scenes in Doctor Strange 2. The first one follows the typical Marvel credits sequence (featuring the names of all the major actors).

The second occurs approximately three to four minutes after the closing credits conclude. If you’re in a hurry, only the first Doctor Strange 2 post-credits scene is relevant to the plot if you’ve already seen the film.

Under the next topic, big Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness spoilers will be discussed. If you do not wish to know what happens in the two after-credits sequences, please turn around.

Who is Charlize Theron Portraying in the Doctor Strange 2 End Credits?

Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is seen strolling along the street after having once again saved the day in the mid-credits scene. His serenity is broken by Charlize Theron’s appearance as an unexpected visitor through a portal.

This stranger says to Strange, “You caused an incursion, and we’re going to rectify it… unless you’re terrified.” Strange exposes his new third eye (as a result of his usage of the Darkhold at the film’s conclusion) and declares that he has no fear as he embarks on his new mission.


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The scene never reveals who Theron is portraying, but if you’re puzzled, she’s playing Clea, who in the comics is Strange’s love interest and eventually married him.

Clea’s presence in the sequel was rumored as early as 2019, whilst Theron’s casting remained mainly under wraps. Since the release of the film, Theron has unveiled Clea on her Instagram.

Michael Waldron, the author of Doctor Strange 2, indicated that the introduction of Clea was intended to end Strange’s romance with Christine Palmer, which, as we discover in the film, never works in any universe.

In the comics, Clea first debuted in Strange Tales #126. She is the daughter of Prince Orini, the heir to the Dark Dimension, and Dormammu’s sister Umar (though she did not always know that Umar was her mother).

Strange first met Clea when he traveled to the Dark Dimension to combat Dormammu, who was attempting to conquer Earth. Clea assisted Strange in battle, and the two fell in love. After Umar seized control of the Dark Dimension, Clea moved to Earth with Strange.

Clea lost her sorceress abilities on Earth and attended the Sanctum Sanctorum to restore them. Clea became his official disciple in the mystic arts when Strange became Sorcerer Supreme, although she eventually went to the Dark Dimension to join the revolt against Umar.

dr strange post credit scene
dr strange post-credit scene

Clea triumphed and seized control of the Dark Dimension, exiling her parents to a pocket universe. During her reign, Clea and Strange wed in the Dark Dimension, but they could never truly be together because Strange was required on Earth and Clea was always threatened by Dormammu.

Given that Strange fought Dormammu in the first film, it’s unlikely that this plot will be continued in the MCU. Dormammu may return as a villain, but it would feel like a return to familiar territory.

Nevertheless, there is something else in the comics that may hint at Clea’s destiny in the MCU.

Strange left Clea the Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation following his death in the comics. He handed them to her since she was the one person he could trust before being abducted by Death once more.

It might be the conclusion of the third film, but Clea and Strange must first deal with the “Incursion.” Earlier in the film, when Strange is taken to the Illuminati, he is informed that an Incursion occurs when two worlds in the multiverse begin to clash.

When manipulating the Darkhold to find a means to fight Thanos, Doctor Strange of Earth-838 unintentionally triggered the destruction of one reality. The Illuminati fear that this will occur if Strange remains in their realm, so they are eager to prevent it.

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Even Strange himself witnesses the effects of an Incursion when he meets other, other, other Strange in a dimension where reality has collapsed in on itself. Clearly, something Strange did in the series finale precipitated the occurrence of this Incursion.

In the comics, at least, one of Clea’s abilities is the ability to teleport to other locations and dimensions. So, in the third film, Strange will presumably embark on another multiverse-hopping mission to prevent the ruin of one universe.

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