Boba Fett Book Post-credit Scene Everything About It Has Been Described

The last episode of The Book of Boba Fett was full of action, monster fights, and even (sob) a touching reunion between a Mandalorian and a Grogu. However, one of the most interesting parts of the episode didn’t come to us until a long time after filming ended.

You see, the end of The Book of Boba Fett, like the end of season 2 of The Mandalorian, had a quick scene after the credits that hinted at what might happen next in the Disney Plus Star Wars story.

This time, the hint was a little less clear, but it did show that a major character was still alive and could (probably) be used in future projects.

After the big battle of Mos Espa, Fennec (Ming-Na Wen) suggests that her boss might want to go into the bacta tank.

This is the first sign that these people are still alive. But Boba (Temuera Morrison) says no, saying that the tank was already being used.


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Described the Book of Boba Fett Post-credits Scene

Given that he was promised a bath earlier in the episode, viewers might have guessed it was Wookiee gladiator Krrsantan in there. However, a short while later he shows up to meet Boba outside, implying that someone else is receiving the treatment instead.

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After the customary selection of concept art, we learn that the individual is none other than Cobb Vanth, the Marshal of Freetown who was assassinated in the previous episode, played by Timothy Olyphant.

book of boba fett post credit scene
book of boba fett post credit scene

Cobb’s death at the hands of bounty hunter Cad Bane was highly hinted at but never clearly stated by any character in the show. It turns out that the Freetowners must have taken Cobb to the hospital instead.

We also get a glimpse of how Cobb will be healed in this scene, with the Mod Artist (Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner), who previously used droid components to restore Fennec’s destroyed stomach, seemingly set to begin work on Cobb. Who knows, though? Cobb may be able to get another technical edge after previously losing his armour to Boba.

It’s not entirely apparent what the post-credits sequence is there for. Is it merely to offer us reassurance that Cobb Vanth lived and to open the door to his potential return? Or does Cobb’s expected prominent position in a future Star Wars project hint that the scene’s placement after the credits indicates that it is more significant than that?


Olyphant is a major star who has previously served as the lead in TV shows, and Star Wars is always looking for spin-offs, so it’s plausible that Cobb will play a significant role, but why haven’t we heard anything about it before now? And would they really make ANOTHER television show about a man who likes to hang out on Tatooine and brandish guns?

This after-credits tease as a whole leaves more questions than it does answers. Perhaps that is what they were aiming for the entire time.

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