Recognize Fascinating Things About ‘Dubai Bling’ Actress Zeina Khoury!

Even though she wasn’t born in Dubai, Zeina Khoury has quickly become the real estate industry’s A-lister in the glitzy metropolis of Dubai Bling. what country does she hail from, and why did she pick this prosperous metropolis as her new home?

If not for Zeina, the world would never have met the feisty group of ladies and their amusing, drama-free spouses on Dubai Bling, since she serves as the connection linking the social circle and is the first star viewers encounter.

The reality star is a mother of two first and foremost, but she has constructed her life in Dubai, a city with an estimated 67,900 millionaires, through a relentless pursuit of her professional goals. She’s come a long way from her city roots to risk everything on an uncertain career overseas. From affluent widow Loujain Adada to famed Emirati DJ Bliss, there are many fascinating individuals included in the Dubai Bling cast, but only one has earned the title of “Queen of Versace”: Zeina Khoury.

On Thursday, October 27, Netflix released a new reality show reminiscent of the popular show Bling Empire; Zeina Khoury plays the role of the unofficial guide to the world of opulent living, desert glitz, lofty goals, and good old-fashioned catfights. According to Khoury’s statement on the show, “many people have made millionaires in Dubai, and I am one of them.” How, though, did Khoury come to be known as “the fashion royal” and earn such a fortune? Find out more about the star of “Dubai Bling” here.

1. For What Reason Has Zeina Khoury Been Dubbed “The Queen of Ver Sace”?

In one episode, Khoury, who is now CEO and Chief Growth Officer of High Mark Real Estate, a luxury brokerage in the United Arab Emirates, reveals that she was “part of the team that founded Palazzo Versace Dubai.” This five-star hotel has played host to a number of high-profile events.

As Khoury revealed to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, “the developers of Palazzo Versace Dubai offered me a position, and by the third month I earned the top sales award and the rest is history” (opens in new tab). “There is no set starting salary or retirement age in the real estate industry. I took a chance on the possibility of infinite profit and it paid off.” The “Queen of Versace” was born, and she promptly crowned herself.

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2. How Old Is Zeina Khoury?

Zeina Khoury, 38 years old at the time of writing, was born on December 13, 1983, in Lebanon. They say she’s a Sagittarius.

She moved to Dubai in the same year that she received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Notre Dame University–Louaize in Lebanon (2006). As of 2022, Khoury held an executive MBA from London Business School, where she had studied digital marketing since 2017.

3. Who Is Zeina Khoury’s Husband?

Hanna Azzi, general manager of Nikki Beach Hotels & Resorts EMEA in Pearl Jumeira, Dubai, is married to Zeina Khoury. They have two young kids together, a son named Joe and a girl named Alexa. As Khoury does not use any social media, there is little information available on Azzi outside of the show.

zeina khoury unknown facts

In the first season of Dubai Bling, the pair experiences some strain when Khoury learns that her husband’s photo appears on a Bumble profile under a different identity. We have a feeling this won’t be the last relationship drama we witness from these two this season, despite Azzi’s denials that he is aware of the profile and his assertions that it is nothing more than a catfish account.

4. How Much Money Does Zeina Khoury Have?

Although Zeina Khoury isn’t the wealthiest reality star on Dubai Bling, she’s certainly not the poorest. There are reports that the CEO of a real estate firm is worth $2.8 million. Surely that’s enough to keep her in Versace duds for a while?

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5. How Tall Is Zeina Khoury?

zeina khoury unknown facts

Khoury is tall and slender 5 feet 7 inches or so.

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