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How to Use the Disney Pixar Face Filter on TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram!

Creating Disney Pixar caricatures out of selfies is the latest social media trend, sweeping platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. Although there has been an app that lets fans do this for some time, the recent addition of lenses to Snapchat has made the app extremely popular.

The new Cartoon 3D Style lens has been used by over 215 million Snapchat users and viewed over 1.7 billion times since its release one week ago. Applying this filter to social media is a breeze, whether you’re using the Voila AI Artist app or your preferred platform.

Snap Chat’s Disney/Pixar Face Filter: How To Get It

Using Snapchat’s lens couldn’t be easier because it’s already built into the app.

  • The first thing to note is that in the Snapchat app, this is called a lens, not a filter.
  • Snapchat offers three distinct cartoon lenses, each of which modifies your face in a cartoonish fashion.
pixar filter
  • The most current release, Cartoon 3D Style, came out in June 2021 and features a more Pixar-like aesthetic, as well as the option to select the gender of your cartoon self.
  • Snapchat’s lens allows you to alter your appearance in real-time, unlike Voila’s app, allowing you to create animated videos that follow your every expression.
  • Your Pixar-style movie made with the Snapchat lens can be downloaded and shared on Instagram or TikTok as well.

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Snapchat’s New 3D Animated Lens: How To Use It

  • Snapchat users can access the lens by going to the camera screen and tapping the happy face icon to the right of the camera button.
  • In the search bar that appears in the right-hand corner of the screen, typing cartoon will bring up the glasses.
  • Pick the Cartoon 3D Style filter, and apply it to your media before sharing or downloading it.

The Voila AI Artist Guide to Obtaining the Disney Pixar Face Filter

  1. If you use Instagram or TikTok but don’t have Snapchat, Voila AI Artist could be the app for you.
  2. The free program is accessible on both iOS and Android, requires no special skills to operate, and can alter selfies in place of creating new content in real time.
  3. The Disney Pixar-style 3D animated mode isn’t the only option, though it has become the most well-liked.
  4. A fan’s selfie can be transformed into a Renaissance artwork, a caricature, or a 2D cartoon.
  5. In addition to the Disney Pixar face, the 3D Cartoon filter includes the Royalty 3D and Baby 3D filters.
  6. In order to compare your Disney Princess style to that of your favorite celebrity, you can combine the filters to build a collage and submit their image.
  7. The pictures can be saved to a user’s device or uploaded to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp with a simple click.

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Tutorial on Accessing and Employing Voila AI Artist’s 3D Cartoon Filter

pixar filter
  1. Select the 3D Cartoon mode after launching the program, and then you can capture or select your own photo, or look for a celebrity shot.
  2. Voila will produce the image after you’ve taken or chosen a photo, displaying the original with the three filtered versions (using the Royalty, Baby, and Cartoon 3D filters).
  3. When you find a picture you like, you may save it to your computer or share it on social media by clicking the corresponding icon.

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