Loretta Swit Plastic Surgery: What Cosmetic Procedures Has the Actress Undergone?

An American stage and television actor, Loretta Jane Swit (born Loretta Szwed; November 4, 1937) is well-known for her portrayals of eccentric characters. Swit earned two Emmys for her role as Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan on M*A*S*H, for which she is best remembered.

Loretta Swit was born in Passaic, New Jersey to Polish immigrants Lester Szwed and Nellie Szwed (née Kassack). Her dad worked in sales, and he also did upholstering. Swit had an older sibling, Robert, who was six years and one day older than she was. Swit participated in the Holy Rosary Scouts, an organization of Girl Scouts that was sponsored by the Holy Rosary R.C. Church in Passaic when she was a little girl.

Was Loretta Swit Plasticized?

Many people have commented negatively on Loretta Swit’s plastic surgery, and I believe them. What this indicates is that the actress looks like she’s had bad results from plastic surgery. The assumption is made that she is terrified of growing older and losing her self-assurance. Unfortunately, she botched her face through plastic surgery procedures rather than calming down and accepting her advancing years. Her name can now be added to the growing list of famous people who’ve ruined their natural beauty with botched plastic surgery.

loretta swit plastic surgery

Loretta Swit’s terrible plastic surgery just doesn’t go with her natural beauty. She can’t seem to age naturally due to her fixation on plastic surgery. Unfortunately, no one knows for sure the cosmetic procedures she has undergone. The before and after photo clearly shows that her facial features were the primary target of plastic surgery.

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Loretta Swit Botox

The actress, Loretta Swit who is 84 years old, seems to have experimented too much with botox during her plastic surgery. Her puffed-up cheek gives the impression that he has been experimenting with botox injections too much. Her frozen face from Botox has rendered her expressionless. Also, Botox has made her face look overly round and full.

Lifting Loretta’s Swit’s Face

After undergoing cosmetic surgery in the form of a facelift, her appearance deteriorated. The facelift initially made her skin look younger and healthier. The facelift was a bit of a novelty for her, and she was toying with it too much. Consequently, her face appeared drawn and she was unable to show any emotion. Thanks to the facelift, the wrinkles, and lines on her face are no longer visible, giving her a very fresh appearance.

TV Work

As a guest star, Swit appeared on shows like Bonanza, The Love Boat, Win, Lose or Draw, Password, Gunsmoke, Match Game, Pyramid, The Muppet Show, and Hollywood Squares. During the opening of one episode of Match Game, Swit wished the audience a “Dzie dobry” in Polish (complete with the diacritical mark). She has also appeared in holiday-themed television shows like the 1987 PBS special A Christmas Calendar and the televised adaptation of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

loretta swit plastic surgery

She went to South Korea in 1988 to host a documentary about the real events of the Korean War, making her the first cast member of M*A*S*H to visit the country outside of Jamie Farr and Alan Alda, who both served there in the mid-1950s as members of the US Army. She began hosting the Discovery Channel series Those Incredible Animals for 26 episodes in 1992. The last time we saw Swit was on October 10th, 2008, on GSN Live.

In 1975, she co-starred in the TV film The Last Day alongside Richard Widmark and Robert Conrad. Paul Krasny wrote the episode of Mannix in which Swit guest starred, which featured Swit and Mike Connors. Produced by Donn Mullally and first broadcast on October 10, 1970. During the January 4, 1972 episode of Hawaii Five-O titled “Bait Once, Bait Twice,” Swit appeared as a guest star. In the February 25, 1970 episode of Hawaii Five-O titled “Three Dead Cows at Makapuu,” she played Wanda Russell.

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Loretta Swit’s Financial Worth

Loretta Swit, an American actress, is worth $4 million. She is a single mother and housewife in Los Angeles, California. American icon Loretta Swit has starred in more than 50 TV programs, all of which have benefited from her stellar acting. She also appeared as a theatre performer, a vocalist of considerable repute, and in a number of films.

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