Jon Moxley: Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know!

Born in New York City on December 7, 1985, Jonathan David Good is a professional wrestler and actor. Under the ring name Jon Moxley, he is presently the AEW World Champion, making this his record-setting third reign with the title. He is currently contracted with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). There are also New Japan Pro-Wrestling appearances he is a part of (NJPW). He rose to prominence during his time with WWE, where he used the ring name Dean Ambrose from 2011 until 2019.

1 He Is Married

It was in 2013 when Jon Moxley started dating Renee Young, a Canadian sportscaster. In 2017, a couple had a small wedding ceremony in their Las Vegas apartment. Young, who has followed wrestling for the better part of her childhood, is now an on-air personality for the company.

2. He Has No Problem Saying What He Thinks

One thing Jon Moxley is not shy about is speaking his mind. He hasn’t been shy about sharing his thoughts on the wrestling industry, especially after his split from WWE. Jon has even been critical of WWE CEO Vince McMahon, calling McMahon the company’s largest “issue.”

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3. He’s the Protagonist in A Work of Fan Fiction

The entertainment business has embraced fan fiction as a viable kind of content. For fans, it’s a way to put their own spin on their favorite characters. Some of Jon Moxley’s coworkers at AEW have made cameo appearances in a hot fan fiction novel.

4. Mr. Jon Moxley Has an Amusing History

jon moxley unknown facts

Even though his real name is Jonathan Good, the professional wrestling world knows him as “Jon Moxley.” Sports Illustrated spoke with Moxley, who recalled, “just before I’m ready to go out the ring announcer asks, ‘What’s the name?'” To be honest, I didn’t have one. I didn’t know what to think… Another wrestler commented, “It’s like the Varsity Blues guy, only we’re dressed like football players.” The character of Jonathan Moxley from Varsity Blues would be a good analogy for him. They respond positively, “That is cool.” “I was too nervous to answer yes or no.

5. He Was Duped Into Believing that His WWE Contract Was Fictitious

It’s a great accomplishment to sign with a professional wrestling promotion. It seemed unbelievable to Jon Moxley when he was discovered by WWE. He says he was contacted by a WWE representative who expressed interest in hiring him. Because the call came out of the blue, Moxley assumed it was phony. Thankfully, it wasn’t that.

6. He Doesn’t Appreciate Scripted Wrestling, in His Opinion

When it comes to professional wrestling, scripted stories are nothing new. However, according to Jon Moxley, these scripts diminish the integrity of the game. His return to AEW Revolution, he says, restored “genuine” wrestling.

7. He Got Into Wrestling as A Way to Get Away from His Difficult Life

jon moxley unknown facts

To say that Jon Moxley had a difficult childhood would be an understatement. As a teen, he resorted to wrestling as a kind of escape from his difficult life. Ultimately, Moxley decided to forego his high school education and focus on his wrestling career.

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8. He Admired the Wrestler Bret Hart

Bret Hart is, without a doubt, one of the most famous wrestlers of all time. His influence on the next generation of wrestling fans was profound. One of Hart’s many followers who has been influenced by him is Jon Moxley. Back when he was a kid, he even looked up to Hart as the greatest wrestler ever.

He considers himself a new man since leaving WWE. There has been a lot of tension between Jon Moxley and WWE. He recognizes WWE’s contribution to the development of his career, but he also has many complaints about his time there. He told Wrestling Inc. that he has greater agency over his career and persona now that he is independent of WWE.

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