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What Every Fan Must Know About Joaquim Valente’s Great Qualities!

joaquim valente unknown facts

Gisele Bündchen has only been single for two weeks, but it looks like she already has a suitor in mind. After her marriage to Tom Brady ended, Gisele Bundchen relocated to Costa Rica, where she was photographed enjoying dinner with Joaquim Valente on November 12. After their divorce was finalized, the two were spotted together for the first time. Because of the photos, talk spread that Gisele, then 42, was done waiting for Mr. Right. Some of her fans may be wondering if this is the start of a new romantic chapter for her.

The facts about Joaquim Valente are here

1. His Ancestors Have Been Involved in The Martial Art of Jujutsu for Generations

“In a span of 67 years, three generations of the Valente family practiced jiu-jitsu under the direct supervision of great grandmaster Hélio Gracie,” it says on the Valente Brothers’ website. The earliest members of the Valente family to learn jiu-jitsu was Dr. Syllo and his brother, General Eliezer Valente. The boys’ Japanese buddies in the 1920s instructed them in some fundamentals of self-defense. The Valentes quickly became members of the school after its founding in 1952 by Carlos and Hélio Gracie in the heart of Rio de Janeiro.

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2. He Is a Well-Rounded Individual

Joaquim, the youngest of the Valente brothers, relocated to Miami in 2007 to attend Barry University and earn a degree in criminology. Joaquim attended Barry University from 2007 to 2011, according to his cited LinkedIn profile. Joaquim took classes with Grand Master Hélio Gracie during his time at the university.

3. He Resides in Miami

On his LinkedIn page, Joaquim states that he operates out of Miami Beach, Florida. Since Tom’s 2020 signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Gisele has been making her home in the Sunshine State.

4. He Has Been a Teacher for Gisele and Her Children

In a Dust magazine story, Gisele noted, “I have always been a seeker and curious person who constantly wants to go deeper.” The feature featured Gisele practicing several throws and postures while decked out in full glam gear. My son is the reason I got to know Joaquim. My buddy informed me about the Valent brothers and their martial arts school, and I thought it might be something my almost-teenage son might be interested in.

In the beginning, Gisele wasn’t even thinking about getting one for herself. After enrolling Ben in his first lesson and having a conversation with Joaquim, Ben says, “I understood it was much more than self-defense.” Gisele mentioned that Vivienne, her daughter, had also taken up jujutsu.

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5. He Might Have Even Met Gisele on The Mat

Who knew that Gisele was also proficient in Brazilian jiu-jitsu? In truth, she fought Joaquim in a sparring match in February. Gisele demonstrated her athletic prowess in an Instagram video, which she shared with her fans. She advertised the Valente facility in Miami and performed a brief demonstration of her abilities.

The more options we have, the better, in my opinion. She stated on Instagram that she felt “stronger, more confident, and emboldened” after taking up self-defense. It’s a useful ability for everyone to have, in my opinion, but especially for women. To the @ValenteBrothers, you were fantastic instructors who made training enjoyable. I’m excited to keep developing my skills.

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