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How to Remove Apps from A Macbook: The Step-by-Step Instructions!

how to delete apps on mac

Learn how to uninstall programs from your MacBook, including those downloaded from the Mac App Store as well as those installed from an external source.

Remove Applications from Your Mac Book:

1. Open Launchpad

If you want to use Launchpad, you may either click its icon in the dock or navigate to its location in the Applications folder.

2. Download the App by Clicking and Holding

3 Select the Delete Option From The Menu

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Why Am I Unable to Uninstall Programs from My Mac Book?

If you’re having trouble removing an app from Launchpad, you can always use Finder instead. Only apps purchased from the App Store can be removed from Launchpad. Consider the following options:

  1. Use Finder.
  2. Accessed the Applications directory.
  3. Just move the program’s icon to the trash can.
  4. The login credentials used to access your Mac must be entered.
  5. Delete Garbage.

To What Extent Does the Mac’s Finder Assist in Locating Applications?

If you can’t find the app you want in Launchpad, try looking in Finder’s Applications folder. Another option is to use Spotlight by pressing the Command key () and the space bar. If you use Spotlight to locate an application, you can then find it in the Applications folder by holding down the Command key and double-clicking on the desired program.

Does Uninstalling the App Also Terminate the Subscription?

Simply erasing the app from your device will have no effect on any subscriptions or memberships you may have had with the service. When you purchase an app from the App Store, you may be offered a subscription.

  1. Launch the App Store.
  2. Click on your username to access your account.
  3. Pick the “Account Settings” menu.
  4. Locate the Subscriptions.
  5. You can access your subscription details by clicking the Manage button.
  6. To make changes, select the edit button.
  7. Simply choose to cancel your subscription.

If I Have a Mac Book, How Do I Uninstall Safari?

Because it is preinstalled, Safari cannot be removed from a Macbook. Safari cannot be removed from a Mac unless the system security feature known as System Integrity Protection is disabled or a third-party app is used. Apple suggests against doing so.

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How Can Google Chrome Be Removed from A Mac Book?

The Chrome app can be removed from a Mac by dragging its Dock icon to the Trash. To remove everything from the trash, right-click the Trash and choose Empty Trash from the menu.

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