How Old Is Rey Mysterio? Career, Personal Life, Height, Weight, and More Information in 2022!

U.S.-born professional wrestler scar Gutiérrez (born December 11, 1974) performs under the name Rey Mysterio. His current contract has him working for WWE’s SmackDown brand. Mysterio is one of the most well-known lucha libre wrestlers in the world and is widely considered to be one of the best professional wrestlers of all time. He is also credited with popularising the cruiserweight division.

Mysterio, the nephew of Rey Misterio Sr., began wrestling professionally in 1989 at the age of 14, first on the independent circuit before joining Asistencia Asesora y Administración (AAA) in 1992. Mysterio moved to WCW from ECW in 1996 after a brief stint in the former promotion.

Early Life

Rey Mysterio, born scar Gutiérrez on December 11, 1974, in Chula Vista, California, was raised in the greater San Diego area. He is 42 years old. There is little known about his upbringing, but he is widely thought to have been coached by his uncle, the legendary professional wrestler and trainer Rey Misterio Sr.

El Lucha’ Dor’s reputation as a spectacular aerialist in the WWE Division can be directly attributed to the training he received from this man. In his early days as a professional wrestler, he was known as Rey Mysterio Jr. In 1991, when Mysterio was still using the ring name Colibr, he was presented the “Most Improved Wrestler” trophy in Mexico.

Age, Height, and Weight

Age-wise, Rey Mysterio is somewhere in the middle at 47. He is a towering 5 feet, six inches tall, and weighs in at a hefty 175 pounds.

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Professions After the All-Star Game

The Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion owned by Paul Heyman signed Rey Mysterio in 1995. Before leaving for World Championship Wrestling in March 1996, he wrestled the likes of Psicosis and Guerrera. He originally competed in the Cruiserweight division, where he met his first and only defeat at Malenko’s hands in their first championship match.

how old is rey mysterio

When these two fighters met again, Mysterio won his first Cruiserweight Championship with a victory against Malenko. He maintained his title for three months, beating out Malenko, Ultimate Dragon, and Super Calo along the way. Malenko was able to win back his championship at this year’s Halloween Havoc.

After beating Eddie Guerrero for the second time, Mysterio won the Cruiserweight championship for a third time by narrowly defeating Juventud. After being sidelined for six months due to a knee injury, he returned to defeat Chris Jericho for his fourth Cruiserweight title.

A Few Career Highlights

Competing for the World Title in Wrestling

  • Winner of the WCW Cruiserweight Title 5 Times (5 times)
  • Winner, with Billy Kidman, of the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship.
  • Held the WCW World Tag Team Championship three times, once each with Billy Kidman and Konnan, and once with Juventud Guerrera (1)

WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment

  • A Wrestling Championships winner once.
  • Two-time Heavyweight World Champion
  • Former three-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion.
  • The Intercontinental Title twice.
  • WWE Tag Team Championship four times, twice with Edge and once each with
  • Rob Van Dam and Eddie Guerrero, and once with Batista (1)
  • Defeated The Undertaker and Dominik Mysterio to win the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Title once.
  • Defeated the competition twice and won the WWE United States Championship

Spouse and Offspring

how old is rey mysterio

They have two kids together: Rey‘s son and daughter with wife Angie Gutierrez. They welcomed a boy, Dominik, on April 5, 1997, and a daughter, Aalyah, on August 20, 2001. On his biceps, Mysterio bears tattoos with the names of his offspring. Other tattoos on his body are memorials to his wife and to his late friend Eddie Guerrero.

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Net Worth of Rey Mysterio

Several major promotions, including AAA and WWE, have expressed interest in signing Rey because of his unique wrestling style. He has raked in a fortune thanks to the huge contracts he has secured. By the year 2022, he has amassed an incredible $10 million in wealth.

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