How Old Is Chris Moyles? Explore the TV Host Career and Personal Life!

Christopher David Moyles is an English radio and TV host, author, and host of Radio X’s The Chris Moyles Show (born on 22 February 1974).

His previous hosting gigs include BBC Radio 1’s The Chris Moyles Show (2004–2012) and Channel 4’s Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night (2009–2012). Moyles has worked for a number of radio stations, including Radio Luxembourg (under the alias Chris Holmes) and Capital FM.

In July 1997, Moyles began working at BBC Radio 1, where he remained until September 2012. Before hosting breakfast from January 5, 2004, until September 14, 2012, he did the early breakfast program, a Saturday morning show, and the drive time show (between September 1998 and December 2003). As of the month of September 2009, he had hosted more consecutive morning shows on BBC Radio 1 than any other presenter.

What Is Chris Moyles’ Age?

To put Chris Moyles’ age in perspective, he is 48 years old.

Professional Life

Chris Moyles is a popular radio and TV host with widespread recognition. His audiences love him because of the energy and talent he brings to the stage. Up to now, he has made numerous guest appearances on TV shows. Working on The Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1 helped boost his profile. Between 2008 and 2012, the show had an approximate eight-year run.

how old is chris moyles

He has contributed to other radio stations, including Radio Luxembourg and Capital FM. During that period, he performed in a number of shows. When asked where on TV he had been, he mentioned Channel 4’s Chris Moyles Quiz Night. Hotel Babylon, Dale’s Supermarket Sweep, Top Gear, The Charlotte Church Show, etc. are just a few of the numerous programs he’s hosted on television.

Furthermore, he is occasionally condemned for making homophobic and sexist statements on air and in his performances, which brings him into the spotlight. Multiple institutions have honored him with honors and honorary titles for his exceptional contributions. The Gospel According to Chris Moyles: The Story of One Man and His Mouth is his autobiography, and he has published other works as well.

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Personal Life

Chris Moyles is currently single. Presently, he is dating Aoibhinn McGinnity. They have a nice life together, but they have yet to start a family. Except for that, he was in a relationship with Sophie Waite for about eight years. However, they drifted apart over time. And he doesn’t have any qualms with being either gender. To this day, he has not been involved in any scandals.

How Tall Is Chris Moyles?

Chris Moyles, who is 5 feet, and 7.5 inches tall, is a writer, DJ, TV host, and radio host.


The Gospel according to Chris Moyles: The Story of One Man and His Mouth, Moyles’ autobiography, was published by Ebury Press on October 5, 2006.

Chris Moyles: The Difficult Second Book was released by Ebury Press on October 4, 2007. The paperback edition of The Difficult Second Book was published on May 1, 2008. On his own show, Stewart Lee mocked and dissected the book, saying that despite the title’s promise of “irony and self-awareness entirely absent from the text itself,” these qualities were mainly lacking.

How Rich Is Chris Moyles?

As a writer, DJ, host, and TV personality, Chris Moyles has amassed an $8 million fortune. The date of Chris Moyles’ birth is February 22, 1974.

Presenting Style

how old is chris moyles

Moyles employs a zoo format, which means that he frequently solicits his team members and listeners for help in the show’s games and quizzes, as well as for other comedic contributions. He has a well-deserved reputation for his obnoxious behavior, short temper, and cutting remarks. This method is the root of most of the complaints leveled against Moyles.

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It’s also led to him being on the receiving end of several slurs and other forms of criticism for making insensitive remarks. Moyles, however, typically accepts counterattacks in the same manner and routinely derides himself for being overweight and so on, often in the lyrics of jingles. Given his interest in radio, Moyles typically elaborates on the show’s production, parodying tired radio tropes in the process. Many of the staples of his show are parodies or exaggerations of those of other radio programs.

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