How Old Is Brian Mcknight? Dive Into the American Entertainer’s Lavish Lifestyle!

Multi-talented American entertainer Brian Kelly McKnight was born on June 5, 1969. His resume includes work as a singer, composer, actor, record producer, radio host, and player of multiple instruments. The power of his head voice, the range of his belt, and his melisma are what have made him famous.

McKnight’s albums Brian McKnight (platinum debut), Anytime, and Back at One have produced a number of hits. He has been nominated for 16 Grammys for his work, putting him in third place behind Zubin Mehta and Snoop Dogg for the most Grammy nominations by an artist who has never won.

Early Life

McKnight’s parents, Claude McKnight, Jr. and Ruth Elaine Willis gave birth to him in Buffalo, New York. In his early years, he began his exposure to music by singing in his grandfather’s church choir. In his early teens, McKnight began his musical aspirations by producing instrumental work and learning to play a number of instruments. McKnight put together a band and began playing his own music at open mic nights and other venues. A publication contract was extended to him by the time he turned 18 years old.

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At the urging of Claude McKnight III and his band Take 6, Brian Mcknight signed with Warner Brothers to begin his professional career when he was just 19 years old. For his debut record, he went with Wing Records, a label owned by Mercury. Upon its 1992 release, his debut album debuted at position #58 on the Billboard 200 chart. The song “One Last Cry” reached number 19 on the Billboard Hot 100.

After this album, he composed two more songs for Mercury: “I remember you” in 1995 and “Anytime” in 1997. McKnight’s previous album featuring Mercury was nominated for several Grammys and sold over 2 million copies. Later, in 1998, Brian Mcknight released an album titled “Bethlehem” on Motown Records. In 1999, he published his most commercially successful album to date, “Back at me came,” which peaked at number ten on the Billboard 200.

Wait, from Brian Mcknight and Guy Sebastian’s album Beautiful Life, was co-written by the two musicians and songwriters from Down Under. Mcknight began his recording career in 2005 when he inked a deal with Warner Bros. Records and continued to create music with that company until 2012. In 2015, he also recorded “Uh Oh Feeling” with Kobalt. As an actor, he debuted in the film “Chicago.” He also runs the humorous website “Funny or Dies.”

How Old Is Brian Mcknight?

Brian Kelly Mcknight is 53 years old, being into this world on July 5, 1969.

Personal Life

McKnight wed his undergraduate girlfriend, singer-songwriter Julie McKnight, in 1990. Both Niko and Brian Jr. were born to the couple before they split up in 2003. Dr. Leilani Malia Mendoza, who McKnight began dating in 2014, eventually became his wife in 2017.

how old is brian mcknight

McKnight was raised in a devoutly religious household; his parents and grandparents were all Seventh-day Adventists. The grandfather he never met was a minister, and the mother he never met performed in the gospel choir and played the piano at Buffalo’s Emanuel Temple. McKnight has also been a notable figure in the African-American community, earning him many NAACP Image Award nominations.

McKnight’s Stature Height

Brian Mcknight is 5 feet 8 inches tall.


For just around $1.3 million, Brian purchased a property in Chatsworth, California, back in 1999. This house went for just under $1.8 million when he sold it in August 2019.

How Much Money Does Brian Mcknight Have Right Now?

Our site uses data to forecast Brian McKnight’s net worth at $1.27 million while the precise amount is still being validated.A number of sources, however, have speculated that Brian McKnight’s actual wealth is significantly more. Brian McKnight’s estimated net worth might increase to $1.77 million after accounting for these extra income streams.

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How Much Does Brian Mcknight Gets Paid per Year?

how old is brian mcknight

The average annual salary for Brian McKnight is projected to be $316,68,000.
How much money does Brian McKnight make? It is the question on the minds of many fans. There are about 5.28 million views each month on Brian McKnight’s YouTube account or about 175.93 thousand views per day.

Commercial channels generate cash from the number of times their videos are seen on average. If a YouTube channel is monetized, it may make $3 to $7 for every 1,000 views. Based on these assumptions, we can calculate that Brian McKnight makes around $316,680.00 each year, or $21.11 Thousand per month.

Some channels on YouTube even make more than $7 per thousand views. Brian McKnight’s annual salary has the potential to go above $570,022 at its highest point.

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