The Best and Fastest Way to Download the Facebook App For iPhone!

It’s straightforward to install Facebook on an iPhone. Use the App Store search bar to locate it, and then select the GET option.

You Can Learn How To Get the Facebook App for Your iPhone by Following the Steps Outlined in This Article:

  • View the App Store Icon File on an iPhone. You can access the App Store by clicking the blue app with the white stylized “A” icon.
  • Just use the search bar. This can be done by clicking the magnifying glass in the rightmost corner of your screen.
  • The search box can be accessed by tapping its button. Locate it in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  • Facebook is what you’ll want to look for. The name you see in the App Store is the official one.
  • Try using the search bar. Specifically, it’s the blue button in the lower right corner of your iPhone’s keypad. In doing so, you will initiate a search in the App Store for the Facebook app, which should appear first in the resulting list.
  • To proceed, click the GET button. Located to the right of the Facebook app’s white “f” icon on a dark blue backdrop is this button. A pull-down menu will show up.
    GET will be replaced by a download Image named Iphoneappstoredownloadbutton.png symbol if you have previously downloaded and deleted Facebook.
download facebook app
  • If your iPhone says OPEN instead of GET, then Facebook is already in there
  • A valid Apple ID password or Touch ID is required. The App Store on an iPhone with Touch ID enabled will ask you to scan your fingerprint; otherwise, you’ll be requested to enter your Apple ID password. Facebook for iOS will start downloading now.
  • If you’re using cellular data or a sluggish Internet connection, this could take a few minutes.
  • If you’ve already installed Facebook on your device, you might not be asked to enter your Apple ID or Touch ID this time.
  • Hold off until the download is finished. The Facebook download progress circle will disappear and be replaced by an OPEN button once the process is complete.
  • Either touch the OPEN button here, or access Facebook directly from your iPhone’s Home Screen by selecting the app’s icon.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the app, you may learn how to use features like finding friends, tagging them in posts, and changing your password.


  1. Friendships can be maintained at a faster rate than before.
  2. Learn what your friends are up to and how you can join in the fun by sharing your own status updates, photos, and videos
  3. Receive alerts on the likes and comments your posts receive from your friends.
    Communicate in small or large groups via text or chat
  4. Enjoy your favorite games and software by playing
  5. If you’re using Facebook on your mobile device, you should check out Facebook Home.
  6. Currently, you can get this on a few different phones such as the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Note II, and Samsung Galaxy S III.

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Recent Updates

Changes that enhance dependability and speed

Modernized Aesthetics and Layout Changes:

  • Use the new search button in any context to swiftly swipe between distinct parts of Facebook.
  • Look at the Most Recent or any of the other feeds under Additional information is available on the right.
  • Changes that enhance dependability and speed.

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