Claire McKenna’s Dad Calls Death of Irish Woman ‘Suspicious’ in NYC

A young Irish woman was discovered dead in Queens last month, and her father told The Post on Wednesday that her death is “strange,” but he is afraid that officials would dismiss it as a drug overdose. Claire McKenna’s father, Derek, told police that she had texted him earlier that day begging for “help,” and that she was later found dead in some bushes in Queens Village on October 12.

For them, it’s really simple. “Oh, it’s an overdose,” McKenna told The Post. “And then it goes gone.” But that’s not going away anytime soon. I promise to comply with any demands placed upon me. I’ll handle it on my own. They aren’t necessary for me to do the task.

There’s just one problem: it smells fishy. Despite police reports that the 26-year-old woman was found partially clothed and with track marks on her left arm, her family does not believe that she has a history of drug usage. On Wednesday, the NYPD noted that the police report did not reference a video.

This Week, The City’s Medical Examiner’s Office Was Still Waiting for Toxicology Results

What happened, McKenna said, “we don’t know.” She was found only partially clothed, but we weren’t informed of that.” It was never mentioned to us that her arm had track marks when she was discovered. Apparently, she was wheeled there on a dolly. This contradicts what the 105th Precinct told us, which they were unable to verify.

At 3:11 a.m. According to conversations exchanged by her father, Derek McKenna, with The Post, Claire texted her father “Help” and “my phone will die” the morning before she was discovered dead.

Derek, McKenna’s father, stated his daughter texted the word “Help” to him hours before she was discovered dead. McKenna, 55, stated that the police later discovered surveillance footage of a man taking his daughter’s body and dumping it in the bushes around 94th Avenue and 214th Street. His lawyer was shown the video but couldn’t bear to see it.

According to Law Authorities

Claire was discovered without identification and with what seemed to be self-inflicted cuts on her arms and a bruise on her neck. Several streets away from where her body was located, in an area she frequented, investigators detected credit card charges from her made on Jamaica Avenue, the sources said.

McKenna had bruises on her neck and arms, and the wounds appeared to have been self-inflicted. The family is offering $35,000 for information leading to an arrest or conviction. I’d like the general public to be aware that somebody else was responsible for her body being relocated. The angry parent scolded his children for not dialing 911. The person you just described doesn’t have much of a passion for living. Removing a dead body and throwing it away. In legal terms, that constitutes a felony.

Claire Mc Kenna's Dad Calls Death of Irish Woman 'Suspicious' in NYC

There was an occurrence. He continued, “It’s not just an overdose of drugs.” Whoever it is, they exist. Any action could be taken against that person. The public has to be aware of what this guy did. Someone needs to locate and apprehend that scofflaw.

McKenna added that since Claire’s death, the family, originally from Ireland but now residing in Queens, has been devastated. Claire was one of four sisters. Even though he doesn’t think his daughter used drugs heavily, he feels that if her death is ruled an OD, it shouldn’t be the end of the matter.

“I get the impression the cops would rather play it off as a drug overdose than warn the public that someone is out there capable of doing this. They don’t want people to know,” McKenna stated. No matter if it was a drug overdose or not, the important thing is that someone was able to move the body and hide it in the bushes by 4:30. Something seems to be hidden in there, at least to me.

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