How to Download Windows 11 Without Paying Anything.!

Windows 11 isn’t actually free. You must pay for a license if you don’t already have a Windows computer (or an extra product key). And if you find yourself in that situation, you might want to look into the PCWorld Software store, which frequently offers fully licensed versions of Windows 11 Pro at a respectable price thanks to a partnership.

So while Windows 11 itself isn’t exactly free, upgrading to Microsoft’s most recent operating system is completely free. Compliant Windows 10 laptops and desktop PCs can upgrade to Windows 11 for the foreseeable future at no further cost.

Some Windows 7 or 8 computers that are compatible with Windows 11 can also be eligible for a free upgrade. You’ll need to update to Windows 10 first, and then from there, to Windows 11. If not for free, you should be able to do it for a reasonable price. How to download Windows 10 for free or at a low cost is detailed in our article.

How to upgrade for free to windows 11

There are various methods you can use to obtain windows 11. waiting for Microsoft to automatically deploy the upgrade to your system via windows update is the simplest option. Although Microsoft announced earlier this year that it wouldn’t start distributing windows 11 to windows 10 p cs until 2022, this strategy might demand some wait for a few months.

Alternatively, you can take matters into your own hands right now and manually upgrade by doing a clean installation or an in-place upgrade. A clean install will erase all of your data before installing windows 11, however, an in-place upgrade will keep all of your files and applications just as they are.

Visit the windows 11 download page of Microsoft to access both upgrades. Make use of the windows 11 installation assistant to carry out an in-place update. You must make a bootable USB drive or DVD disc in order to perform a clean install.

Windows users should try the media creation tool first because it handles everything for you in this procedure. Users of macs and linux systems must flash or burn the windows 11 iso file to a disc or disc, respectively. You can get more information on each of these approaches in our article on how to update to windows 11.

download windows 11

Once you’ve decided on an upgrade strategy, be sure to go through our windows 11 upgrade checklist to be sure everything is in order. It will be simpler to move quickly through the process—and recover more quickly if something goes wrong.

Additionally, while you’re waiting for the installation to be finished, you can read our review of windows 11 and learn about six new features that you should test out once you upgrade. You’ll be fully aware of where to begin and what to anticipate.

What Hardware Is Needed to Run Windows 11?

Microsoft’s Contentious Minimum Hardware Requirements for Windows 11 Represent a More Upsetting Change. Therefore, Even Though Windows 11 Is a Free Upgrade for Windows 10 Users, Not All Windows 10 Customers Will Have Access to It.

Your Device Must Be Running Windows 10, Version 2004, or Newer in Order to Update.

A Processor Running at 1 G Hz or Faster with Two or More Cores on A Suitable 64-Bit Processor or System on A Chip Is Required, Among Other Things (so C). 4 Gb of Ram and 64 Gb or More of Storage Are Required.

Your Computer Will Need to Support Trusted Platform Module 2.0, Be Uefi-Capable, Secure Boot-Capable, Have a Graphics Card Compatible with Direct X 12 or Later and Wddm 2.0 Driver, as well as A High Definition Display with A Diagonal Size of At Least 9″ and 8 Bits per Colour Channel.

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Where Can I Find Windows 11?

When Windows 11 Will Really Roll out To All Compatible Windows 10 PCs Hasn’t Been Made Crystal Plain by Microsoft. However, It Has Made the Pc Health Check Programme Available to Consumers so They Can Determine for Themselves Whether Their Hardware Is Up To Par.

download windows 11

  • You Can Check if Your Existing Pc Satisfies the Criteria to Run Windows 11 Using the Pc Health Check Programme, and If It Does, You Can Get a Free Update Once It Becomes Available.
  • On a Windows Computer, You May Also Click “check for Windows Updates” or Choose Start, Then Pick Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Updates.
  • All that Is Known Is that Microsoft Is Happy With The Deployment so Far, at Least for Those Who Are Using Windows 10 on Hardware that Complies with The System’s Minimal Specifications.

In the Early Stages of The Windows 11 Deployment, According to Microsoft’s Newest Generation Machine-Learning Model, “we Are Continually Observing a High Rate of Good Upgrade Experiences and User Feedback for Eligible Devices.”

How Can I Access the Windows 11 Preview?

You Can Enrol in The Windows Insider Program, Which Microsoft Defines as “a Community of Millions of Windows’ Biggest Fans Who Get to Be the First to Discover What’s Next,” Assuming You Still Want to Test out The Most Recent Windows 11 Preview Features on A Test Device.

The Project’s Engineers at Microsoft Can Immediately Benefit from Tester Comments on The Releases. You Must Have a Licenced Copy of Windows Installed on Your Device in Order to Install Windows Insider Preview Builds.

download windows 11

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Is Windows 11 Still a Good Idea to Install?

Every Significant Operating-System Update Comes with Bugs. Updates for I Os and Mac Os Are Frequently Problematic for Apple. Companies Have the Opportunity to Remedy Flaws that Users Find when More Users Embrace the Most Recent Version.

Windows 11 Is the Same. Microsoft Has Put a Compatibility Hold on The Release of Windows 11 for Devices with Specific Versions of Hardware Drivers for Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel Sst), Which Are Causing a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Error, Even Though It Believes the Update Is Working Well for The Majority of Users with Compatible Hardware.

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