Trick Daddy: Rapper from “Love & Hip Hop Miami” Has 12 Dope Facts.!

Love & Hip Hop: Miami is the title of the fourth season of the series Love & Hip Hop. The cameras follow a close-knit family and friend group that includes the rapper Trick Daddy, his longtime friend, and collaborator Trina, as well as his ex-wife Joy Young, who is also Trina’s cousin.

When Trick Daddy approached Trina to sing on his record “Nann N***a” in 1998, he provided her with the opportunity to make her big break in the world of hip hop.

More Than A Dozen Interesting Facts About Trick Daddy Are Listed Below:

1. Trick Daddy’s full name is Maurice Young, and he’s 43 years old.

2. In the Liberty Square housing projects, often known as the Pork-and-Beans Projects, his mother Pearl raised him and his 10 brothers and sisters on her alone.

(Liberty Square Was Constructed in 1937 as The First Public Housing Project in The Southern United States that Was Specifically Designed to House African Americans.)

3. When they were younger, Trick Daddy and his late brother Derek “Hollywood” Harris lived with their “pimp” father and peddled narcotics together. Trick Daddy describes their father as a pimp.

4. Trick When Daddy was detained for the first time, he was just 15 years old (drug and firearm possession).

5. The day after he was freed from jail, he was arrested on a charge of attempted murder, tried, and convicted of the crime. He was then sent back to jail.

6. In 1994, while he was serving time in jail, his brother Hollywood was killed in a shooting.

unknown facts about trick daddy

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7. Trick In the movie “Just Another Day” from 2009, Daddy plays the role of Roman, a drug dealer.

8. Trick Although Daddy suffers from lupus, he has resisted medical care for the past decade.

9. The title of his most recent album is Finally Famous: Born a Thug, Still a Thug. 9. (2009).

10. He follows the football team at the University of Miami (see photo below).

unknown facts about trick daddy

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11. Trick The author’s name is Daddy. You should read his autobiography, titled Magic City: Trials of a Native Son.

12. He is able to prepare conch fritters, and he is not shy about getting up on the dance floor.

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