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14 Amazing Facts About Taylor Swift…!

She is based in the United States of America and is a multi-talented musician who performs acting, singing, songwriting, and music video directing all at once. She is extremely well-known throughout the world, and some of her most well-known music albums include Fearless, 1989, Reputation, and Folklore.

She has sold more than 50 million copies of her albums and 150 million copies of her top singles.

Some Unknown Facts About Taylor Swift

1. Age of Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift, a multi-talented singer-songwriter, was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, on December 13, 1989.

Since she was a little child, Taylor Swift’s parents, Scott Kingsley Swift and Andrea Finlay have encouraged her goals. Austin Swift, her younger brother, is also a Swift.

It’s interesting to note that Taylor allegedly bears James Taylor’s name.

2. Height of Taylor Swift

Along with her legendary status as a musician, Taylor Swift is also a very tall woman. Her height of 5’11” has always made her feel “freakishly tall.”

3. Taylor’s First Job Was in The Theatre.

Taylor Swift began her career in musical theatre at the tender age of nine. She was able to participate in four different shows of the Berks Youth Theatre Academy as a result. She had a wonderful experience that molded her theatrical demeanor.

She also had fantasies of being on Broadway during this time. She recalls making numerous trips to New York and waiting in line for many different events.

4. She Took a Cue from Shania Twain.

unknown facts about Taylor swiftEveryone had someone they admired and looked up to. It was none other than Shania Twain for Taylor Swift. Swift was inspired to write country music after hearing Shania Twain’s work. She had never experienced anything like it in her life, and it made her wonder and enjoy herself.

5. She Learned to Play the Guitar from A Computer Repairman.

Taylor began taking guitar lessons at the age of twelve from a computer repairman who was also somewhat of a songwriter. Her musical career started with this.

These insights helped Taylor write “Lucky You,” her debut single.

For Abercrombie & Fitch, she once served as a model

She participated in their “Rising Stars” initiative in 2003. Taylor Swift has a wonderful entry point with this.

6. Taylor has many skills.

The majority of people are already aware of Taylor’s musical prowess and capacity to enthrall an audience with a single note. But did you know she can also play the electric guitar, guitar, piano, ukulele, banjo, and other instruments?

She has also appeared in a number of films and television shows, either as herself (like she did in the Hannah Montana Movie) or in a different capacity, such as Haley Jones on the popular television program CSI.

Valentine’s Day and The Giver both featured Taylor as a leading lady.

7. She Enjoys Eating Cheesecake.

unknown facts about Taylor swift

After a long performance, she goes to the decadent dessert of cheesecake for a satisfying snack. Her favorite cuisine is that.

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8. She Was the Youngest Writer of A Number-One Song in Country Music.

When Taylor Swift wrote “Our Song,” she was just 14 years old. At her ninth-grade talent contest, she performed the song. The song topped the charts. At the 2008 CMT Music Awards, the music video won the Video Of The Year honor.

9. She Loves Anything and Everything Disney

Taylor has even admitted to having a Disney cartoon obsession. Even one of the characters in The Lorax had her voice. This demonstrates that she is a good-hearted young lady who appreciates heartfelt and considerate things.

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10. Taylor Swift’s Boyfriends

Numerous well-known actors and celebrities have been in Taylor Swift’s past relationships. Actor Jake Gyllenhaal, Jonas Brothers member Joe Jonas, Harry Styles of One Direction, John Mayer, and DJ Calvin Harris are on this list.

It’s been claimed that Jake Gyllenhaal inspired the song “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Boys, take care. If things don’t work out in the relationship, she’ll undoubtedly write a song about breaking up with you.

Actor Joe Alwyn is her boyfriend as of the time of this writing. Since 2017, she has been seeing him.

11. Taylor Swift has Taken Home Many Awards for Her Talents

unknown facts about Taylor swift

Taylor’s second studio album, Fearless, earned Album of the Year at the 2010 Grammy Awards. She became the youngest artist in history to receive this prize at the age of 20, thanks to this honor.

Taylor Swift was voted Woman of the Year in 2011 by Billboard.

She also took up the prize for International Female Solo Artist at the 2015 BRIT Awards.

12. Taylor Broke a Record for Country Music.

She sold more than $20 million worth of singles, and more digital downloads of her music than any other country artist, shattering the previous record for the genre.

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13. Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s Back and Forth

When Taylor won the Best Female Video prize at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards for her song “You Belong With Me,” what some refer to as a feud between the two artists began.

Swift appeared on stage while she was doing her acceptance speech to tell her that Beyonce’s video was truly the greatest.

Since this occurrence, the two have engaged in a number of public whirlwind adventures, many of which frequently become global trends on social media.

14. Taylor Swift’s Networth

According to projections, Taylor Swift’s net worth will be $400 million in 2022.


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