Top 5 Facts About Ryan Dawkins That You Didn’t Know.!

Clare Crawley, who is 41 years old, is getting ready to tie the knot with Ryan Dawkins! An interview and an Instagram post published on October 10 revealed that the star of The Bachelorette had announced her engagement to a 47-year-old hunk, and she gushed about her future husband.

“I am really ecstatic!” Clare revealed the news of her engagement in an interview with PEOPLE after it took place at the RiSE Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. “This was the very last thing I expected right now, especially given where I was a year ago,” she said. “It’s funny how life works.” Simply put, it has been a challenging trip, and Ryan has been right here by my side from the very start.

Her Instagram post, which contained a stunning snapshot taken at the exact moment her boyfriend proposed, also included a caption that was really endearing. “He has held me in my darkness, loved me through the process of my healing, and now along with me, we are celebrating the light! The simplest “yes” I’ve ever had to give.

1. Ryan’s the CEO of A Marketing Agency.

According to the official website of the corporation, he is the leader of Mascot Sports, which sparks the “rally for innovation through athletes, brands, and events.” “Mascot serves a top-tier stable of clients in the areas of sponsorship strategy, experiential marketing, and athlete representation, among other areas of expertise.

According to the website, “Our dedicated team is a mix of executives and entrepreneurs who follow an alternative method to create tremendous opportunities, inspire change, and revolutionize the endurance landscape.”

unknown facts about ryan dawkins

The beginning of Ryan’s success can be traced back to the time when he “changed running and cycling competitions through his company Project Sports,” which he established in 2002 when he was 25 years old and a graduate student.

After that, he was successful in selling “a portfolio event to Competitor Group,” which ultimately resulted in the formation of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in San Francisco, California.

The following month, in February 2014, Project Sport was “bought by OmniForce, LLC,” and after that, “Ryan was responsible for the integration of Project Sport into the Raceforce division.”

2. His Relationship with Clare Went Public in Sept. 2022.

You can see for yourself above how Clare released a video of her and the hottie laughing and kissing while they were riding in a car together. She labeled it with the word “Him” and a heart emoji in a pink color, which was really effective.

unknown facts about ryan dawkins

3. Ryan’s the Father of Two Daughters.

According to the bio posted on the website of Ryan’s company, he resides in Oakland, California “with his two girls,” however it is not clear how old they are.

In addition to identifying himself as an “athlete,” the user who has his Instagram page set to private also refers to himself as a “girl dad” in the bio section of the page.

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4. He’s Had Many Achievements in Both Business and Competitive Sports.

According to the information provided on the Mascot Sports website, Ryan was awarded the “Best CEO in the Events Sector” title by Acquisition International’s Business Excellence Award in 2015 for the contributions he made to the development of the business.

In addition to that, he “completed many IRONMAN events” and “was part of a 4-man team that came second in the Race Across America from San Diego to Atlantic City.”

unknown facts about ryan dawkins

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5. Ryan Proposed After He and Clare Released Lanterns in The Sky.

The wonderfully sweet and romantic moment was captured on camera, and it showed the couple hugging and kissing one another before he dropped down on one knee to propose to her.

The stunning woman gave the impression of being taken aback before she knelt down beside him, murmured “yes,” and continued to exchange kisses while nodding her head. Clare captioned the post that included the video with the word “HIM” and put a red heart emoji in the post as well.

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