Robbie Coltrane Has Passed Away: 7 Facts About Him that Are Not Common Knowledge.!

The captivating new drama series on TVNZ called National Treasure stars the Scottish actor.
We were able to unearth some fascinating information about the actor who is most known for playing the role of Hagrid, the giant with shaggy hair, in the Harry Potter film series.

1. Robbie Coltrane Is Not Actually His Given Name.

After Deciding to Pursue a Career in Acting, He Decided to Change His Name from Anthony Robert Mc Millan, Which Was His Birth Name. as A Tribute to The Legendary Jazz Musician John Coltrane, He Adopted the Stage Name Coltrane.

2. He Considered a Career in The Arts Before to Beginning His Career in Acting.

After Completing His Secondary Education, Coltrane Attended the Glasgow School of Art to Study Drawing, Painting, and Film. However, despite the fact that He Did Not Pursue that Particular Line of Work, He Reported that Art School “opened My Mind in So Many Different Ways.”

unknown facts about Robbie Coltrane


3. He Had Been Known to Squat in A Property in London at One Point.

People Frequently Have the Misconception that The Life of An Actor Is Glamorous; Nevertheless, when Coltrane Was Just Starting Out, He Shared an Abandoned Property on Finchley Road in London with A Few Other Squatters.

According to Him, the Gang Repaired the Property Even Though the Local Authority Warned Them that It Was Unsafe for People to Live In.

4. Hollywood Tried to Recruit Him, but He Turned Them Down.

Coltrane Stated that Steven Spielberg Was a Fan of His British Television Series Cracker, and After Performing the Role of The Criminal Psychologist, He Was Given Various Roles on Us Television Shows. Because He Wanted to Be Near His Children, He Made the Decision to Remain in The Uk.

5. His Behaviour Wasn’t Perfect All the Time.

Coltrane Once Allegedly Hurled Obscenities at The Television Personality Piers Morgan Outside of The Ivy, Which Is a Hangout Spot for Celebrities in London. This Famous Quote of His Describes Booze as His “undoing.”

6. He Is Well-Known for His Extreme Privacy.

It Is Well Known that During Interviews, Coltrane Will Go to Tremendous Lengths to Safeguard His Privacy. He Frequently Avoids Answering Questions and Has Once Threatened to Kill a Journalist from The Guardian by Saying “if You Write that Down I Will Kill You.”

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7. He Has Osteoarthritis in Both of His Knees.

Coltrane Was Told by His Physicians that He Needed to Shed More than 40 Kilogrammes in Order to Qualify for Therapy when It Was Determined that He Had No Cartilage Left in One of His Knees.

the Role of National Treasure Features the Actor Walking With A Cane, Which He Actually Uses in Real Life.

unknown facts about Robbie Coltrane

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8. He Was Cast in Harry Potter without Going Through Any Sort of Casting Process.

Because of J.K. Rowling, Coltrane Was Given the Role of The Loving Giant Rubeus Hagrid in The Harry Potter film series.

He was included in Rowling’s ideal cast for the film adaptations, along with Maggie Smith in the role of Professor McGonagall, and he was offered the role without having to audition.

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