10 Unbelievable Truths About the Show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s primarily immoral bartenders and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet’s peaceful 1950s setting can only be compared for one reason: It’s Always Sunny will shortly tie Ozzie as the longest-running live-action comic sitcom in television history with the premiere of its 13th season on September 5 and the order of a 14th season.

The Paddy’s Pub crew still has a 13th season to complete before reaching that milestone without succumbing to the side effects of sniffing gasoline. Check out some information on the show’s background, the Dee from the parallel reality, and how Danny DeVito nearly lost his life during production.

1. A $100 Pilot Was Required.

Leading Series when They Created the It’s Always Sunny on Tv Pilot in 2004, Rob Mc Elhenney, Glenn Howerton, and Charlie Day Were Unknowns. the Pilot Featured Three Struggling Actors Competing for The Part of A Cancer Patient.

the Shot-On-Video Episode Was Made for Less than $100 with The Intention of Serving More as A Calling Card than A Polished Production. After Pitching It to Various Networks, They Met John Landgraf, President of Fx, Who Agreed to Back Them and Provided Them with $400,000 to Shoot a Proper Pilot with A Real Team. (The Scene Was Switched to Philadelphia’s Dive Pub Paddy’s Pub.)

unknown facts about rob mcelhenney

2. During The First Season, Rob Mcelhenney Continued Waiting Tables.

Sunny Had Just a Third of The Budget of A Standard Network Sitcom Despite Fx’s Support, and It Was so Short on Funds that The Cast Shared a Trailer. Rob Mc Elhenney Continued to Wait Tables at A West Hollywood Cafe After His Day’s Shooting Was Over Because His Season’s Pay Was so Pitiful.

3. A Different Dee Was There.

The Bar and Actress Kaitlin Olson, Who Plays “sweet” Dee Reynolds, Weren’t in The Original Video Pilot; the Original Dee Was Jordan Reid, Mc Elhenney’s Then-Girlfriend, Who Was Supposed to Continue when The Series Was Picked up By Fx.

but According to Reid, the Reason She Was Recast on The Program Was Because of Her Breakup with Mc Elhenney. Before Olson, Who Eventually Wed Mc Elhenney, Was Chosen for The Role, Saturday Night Live Actress Kristen Wiig Was a Contender.

4. Danny Devito Kept the Show Going.

Sunny Had a Brief Six-Episode Debut Season Before Failing to Impress Either Critics or Audiences. Due to The Show’s Low Viewership, Fx Insisted that It Recruit a “known” Actor in Order to Increase Interest for A Second Season.

Knowing Landgraf from Fx, Danny De Vito Agreed to Meet with Mc Elhenney. After Discussing the Show and Mentioning that His Children Were Viewers, De Vito Agreed to Play Absentee Father Frank Reynolds.

unknown facts about rob mcelhenney

5. Hulu Saved The Show as well.

The Ratings Were only Average Despite De Vito’s Stay of Execution. People Couldn’t View the Series until Fx Published Episodes on Dvd and On the Streaming Platform Hulu, Which Made It One of The Most Popular Shows on The Platform. Rerun Demand Finally Reached Such a Level of Popularity that Comedy Central Paid $33 Million for The Rights.

6. Accidentally, The Live Musical Took Place.

The Group Toured Six Cities in 2009 for A Loose Stage Production of “The Nightman Cometh,” a Season Four Episode. Day Played Many Original Songs the Trio Had Written for The Episode Where His Character, Charlie, Tries to Use Music to Woo the Unnamed Waitress (day’s Real Wife, Mary Elizabeth Ellis), in A Sort of Always Sunny: The Musical.

a West Hollywood Nightclub Mistakenly Said the Ensemble Would Be Performing a Whole Production Rather than Simply a Few Performances, Which Led to The Announcement of The Tour.

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7. Mc Elhenney Intended for Everyone to Gain Weight.

Regular Sunny Viewers Will Be Aware that Rob Mc Elhenney, Who Is Generally Fit, Opted to Gain 50 Pounds of Fat for Sunny’s Seventh Season as A Response to His Belief that Everyone on Television Improves in Appearance Over Time.

He Consumed 5000 Calories a Day to Achieve His Smooth, Seal-Like Appearance, the Majority of Which Came from Foods That Are Nutritionally Sound, Such as Chicken and Vegetables. However, Mc Elhenney’s Original Plan Was for The Entire Cast to Gain Weight While De Vito Would Experience a Significant Weight Loss. Nobody Agreed with This Strategy.

8. A Few Episodes Were Directed by Fred Savage.

Fred Savage, an Actor, and Director Betray His Wholesome the Wonder Years Credentials by Directing Multiple Episodes of Sunny. He Is Also Listed as A Producer. According to Savage,

He Applied for A Job on The Show Because He Identified with The Characters’ “worst Characteristics”; Mc Elhenney Chose to Recruit Him Because He “wanted to Discover if He Truly Loved Becky Slater or If It Was Just Winnie All the Way.”

9. In Philadelphia, Mcelhenney and Kaitlin Olson Own a Real Bar.

Mc Elhenney and Olson Decided to Contribute Money to Mac’s Tavern, a Sports Bar in Philadelphia that Debuted in 2010, After a Number of Mc Elhenney’s High School Classmates Suggested Owning a Bar.

Mac’s Chili and Sweet D’s Turkey Blt Are Among the Menu Items. the Bar’s Managers Publicly Ridiculed a Couple Who Departed without Paying for Their Meal on Facebook in 2017.

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unknown facts about rob mcelhenney

10. A True Green Man Exists.

Or Guys. Charlie Day Revealed to Vice in 2010 that His Pal Mc Elhenney, Who Dressed in A Green Lycra Body Suit for Philadelphia Eagles Games, Served as The Inspiration for His Character’s Custom of Doing the Same. at Least Two Vancouver Sports Fans Later Wore Identical Attire to Hockey Games After being inspired by the show.

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