15 Interesting RIFF RAFF Facts You Probably Didn’t Know.!

In 2004, Houston legend and Swishahouse co-founder OG Ron C saw RiFF RaFF, real name Horst Simco, racing about Houston attempting to get his music to stick with other Texans while sporting braids, beads, and vibrant clothing.

It would take him eight years before Diplo saw the Neon Python (his professional wrestling ring moniker), which led to a record deal with his Mad Decent imprint.

After appearing on MTV’s From G’s to Gents, fending off charges that he was a rap game parody, and releasing his debut album, Neon Icon, RiFF RaFF has persisted. Obviously, this isn’t because he needs anyone’s approval; rather, he’s sticking with what he’s always wanted to do.

The rapper will undoubtedly provide his customary Versace-laced rhymes and puzzling lyrics with the June 1 release of two new LPs, Peach Panther and Purple Panther.

The Boombox, who is not known for delivering straightforward answers in interviews, did some digging to provide fans with some amusing and unexpected details about Jody Highroller.

Visit 15 Facts About Ri Ff Ra FF You Probably Didn’t Know.

1. Macho Man  He admitted to ThisIs50.com that Randy Savage was his favourite wrestler when he was younger.

2. His favourite song to perform is “Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz,” a homage to keeping your kicks clean.

He said to This Is 50, “When you had Jordans, you don’t want to crease ’em in the front, right?” “You need to keep ’em tidy. So you walk slowly while “tipping toeing” in them, as some people mistakenly think I mean to do.

3. Jody Highroller claims that he would be a surfer if he weren’t a rapper.

4. “Do what you want” is the best advice that has ever been offered to the “Neon Icon” inventor.

unknown facts about RiFF RaFF

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5. RiFF RaFF was an easy sign for Diplo, who even compared him to Apple stock, on VLAD TV. RiFF RaFF is comparable to Apple computers in 1971 in that it is a small wooden box with an apple on top.

Damn, this is going to be different, I thought when I first saw him, and his stock simply kept going up. ‘Let me get in early, I’ll purchase all that stock,’ sort of thing.

6. According to the Versace Python, he hung out with Drake for the first time that evening—the night of the 2013 Grammy Awards. He told Sway in the Morning, “We’re really good buddies.

“How long you’ve known someone doesn’t matter. Even if you’ve known someone for ten or fifteen years and you don’t get along or something happens, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known them if you can agree.

7. In 2012, RiFF claimed to VLAD TV that MTV had reneged on an arrangement to provide him with a talk show before his appearance on “From Gs to Gents” after he accepted the role on the reality series starring Farnsworth Bentley. I’ll never be on that bull—- again, the rapper declares in reference to that specific show.

8. He finds working in the studio to be simple and enjoyable. Jody Highroller says, “I’ve collaborated with a lot of musicians. To be really honest, working with [Chief Keef] was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done.

When a client calls me in after laying the groundwork, I enjoy working with them. We completed everything in under two hours. the video and the recording

unknown facts about RiFF RaFF

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9. RiFF RaFF has an all-or-nothing policy. “I either have 100% or 0% of myself. I might have a moment where I simply want to scream “F—- it.” I want to do absolutely nothing. Just head to the mountains with Jody Husky, his dog. Eat canned pork and beans while camping.

10. The rapper denied recent speculations that he will wrestle with All Hip Hop by saying, “I don’t touch males.”

11. According to RiFF RaFF, “Stand By Me” is the sappiest song ever.

12. He like young children, especially Diplo. He said, “I watch his kid and all that.”

13. RiFF RaFF doesn’t cut corners with the frosty jewels and advises any lady shopping for her man to do the same. He says, “Get your man a lovely wardrobe item.” Therefore, you could want to get him some leprechaun diamonds if you give him any jewellery.

Because you don’t want him to be out there without those genuine boy gems, just to keep things rolling. As you can see, their bank accounts grow as they watch the diamonds shining.

unknown facts about RiFF RaFF

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14. When asked who his favourite white rappers were, Jody Highroller mentioned Action Bronson but added that he is Albanian and not really white. He also mentioned Machine Gun Kelly and Mac Miller. The interviewer laughed at the candidate’s remark.

15. The “Pink Panther” creator claims to be acquainted with Ke$ha, however, he can see how he affected her in 2012’s

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