Paris Jackson: 15 Things Michael Jackson Didn’t Want You To Know..!

Paris Jackson and her brothers Prince and Bigi (also known as Blanket) were surrounded by the harsh spotlight of the media almost constantly as children. The home was the gated, surreal Neverland Ranch of Michael Jackson.

Prince is the more sane person. Big is the crazy, solitary one. Then Paris? She has gone through phases of being a wild child, a troubled affluent kid, and a rebel, and now (finally) at age 21, she is in her I’ve (kind of) arrived period.

She is a model. She has a band of her own. She is very close to her brother Prince and is liked. She gets along well with Debbie Rowe, her mother. Paris is a sharp cookie who knows how to use social media effectively and knows what to post to gain likes and followers. She is, after all, Michael Jackson’s daughter and possesses some of his panache and flamboyance.

Here Are 15 Freshly Discovered Facts About Paris Jackson. She Appears to Have Found Herself. Maybe.

15. She Identifies as Black

Paris is outspoken on the subject, despite the ongoing controversy about whether Michael Jackson was her biological father. He is without a doubt her real father. She is proud of that fact despite the reputation that has enveloped the deceased musician. And she has made it known that she identifies as black.

14. She Has 3.5 Million Instagram Followers

Paris is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram beyond everything else. With 3.5 million followers, she frequently posts. Her title?

“Musician. Lightworker. Environmental activist. Don’t rule out peace.” The purpose of “lightworkers” to repair the globe and connect to humanity is quite telling. These days, she is very much on a mission.

unknown facts about paris jackson

13. She’s (pretty much) a Feminist

The Feminist Paris? I Guess, Sort Of. She Clearly Strongly Believes in Intrinsic Feminine Beauty as Seen by Her Re-Post. Forget About Appearances, She Advises. What Counts Is on The Inside.

She Isn’t Exactly a Conventional Feminist, but She Nevertheless Thinks that Women Should Be Valued for Their Ability and Work Rather than Their Outward Beauty. a Little Bit Cool and Defiant. Normal Paris.

12. She Has an Img Models Contract.

It’s a Done Deal. Paris Is an Authentic Model. She May Not Be a Supermodel (yet), but She Secured a Contract with Elite Img Models in 2017. Heck, She Has Appeared on The Covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bizarre.

Her Cover Art Is Somewhat Androgynous and Unmistakably Edgy, in Keeping with Her Opinions on The Appearance of Women. in Other Words, Completely Current in The Modelling Industry.

11. That Photoshoot of The Eiffel Tower

Paris Quickly Displayed Her Skills, Charm, and Vibrancy in A Vintage Photo Shoot Near the Eiffel Tower in Paris Shortly After Signing with IMG Models.

She Was Surrounded by G.I. Joe Characters Dressed in Costume and Giving Off a 1940s Aura. Her Outstanding Performance, in Sharp Contrast to Her Cover Work, Exuded Passion. It Was Magnificent.

10. She and Her Brother Prince Are More Intimate than Intimate

Being Confined Within the Boundaries of Neverland Ranch, Prince and Paris Spent a Lot of Time Together as Kids. the Jackson Children Had a Staff of Nannies, and Their Mother Debbie Rowe Was Frequently Absent.

Additionally, They Experienced the Sadness of Michael Jackson’s Overdose Death in 2009. the Outcome? They Are a Close-Knit, Devoted, and Encouraging Couple.

unknown facts about paris jackson

9. On Social Media, She Defended Smoking Marijuana

Okay, so She Did Underline in Her Message the Medical Benefits of Marijuana, but Some Images of Paris “indulging” Herself Have Surfaced. Free Love and Peace, Guy. What About Her Adolescence, Though?

She Has Told Rolling Stone Straight out That Some of Her Tattoos Cover-up Her Track Marks. She Has Also Claimed that She Has Had Depression, Just Like Her Father. the Troublesome Adolescent Was Eventually Turned Around by A Therapeutic School.

8. She and Mom Are Tight Debbie Rowe

Legend Has It That Immediately After Paris Was Born, Michael Jackson Kidnapped Her, Placenta and All, from Debbie Rowe. Before Summoning the Guts to Approach Her Father, She Was Even Unaware of The Identity of Her Mother. Present Day?

the Two Are Close, with Mum Showing up To See Her Daughter’s Band Play and Paris Helping Her Mother Through a Breast Cancer Scare.

7. She Occasionally Disappears from Social Media

Any Famous Person Is Aware of The Advantages of Social Media. It Provides an Opportunity to Interact Directly with People, Earn Money, and Have Your Identity Widely Publicised Online.

Then There Are the Trolls, Those Evil Beings that Insult, Make Fun Of, and Occasionally Use Profanity. Since It Might Sometimes Be Too Much, Paris Has Said that She Has Taken Breaks from Social Media.

6. She Is an Environmentalist Who Hugs Trees

Paris Jackson Resembles the Hippy Movement of The 1960s in Many Ways. She Practises Healing and Communing as A Lightworker. She Desires a Chance for Peace.

Also Crucially, She Supports Environmentalism in A Way that Resembles “communing with The Universe.” Oh, and Let’s Not Overlook Feminism.

unknown facts about paris jackson

5. She and Scott Disick’s Squeeze Are Close Friends. Solange Richie

Little Model Sofia Richie, the Daughter of Musician Lionel Richie, Is Quite Popular Right Now. Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s Ex, and She Are Deeply in Love. She Practically Bares All to Make a Point.

She Is Also Reportedly Paris Jackson’s Bff. how About the Daily Mail’s Article About the Couple Holding Hands, Though? the Two Are Allegedly Quite “close.”

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4. She Has Her Own Band.

Ok. Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn’s Folk Combo Has Received “mixed” Reviews, but We Must Give Her Respect for Her Bravery. as Usual, Paris “sings” Earthy Lyrics While Channelling a Hippy Ambiance.

the Soundflowers Have Performed at Numerous Events, Including Benefit Concerts and A Show in Paris. and Her Family Is There to Support Her, Especially Granny Katherine Jackson, 89.

3. Her Partner Plays in Her Band

The Second Member of The Soundflowers’ Duo Is Gabriel Glenn. as Many Photos of The Two Using Their Pd as As There Are of Them Performing Are Included in The Coverage of Their Performances.

They Initially Rejected the Relationship. but It Simply Got Too Evident to Ignore. Not All of The Men in Paris’ Life Have Been Good Guys. Gabriel Appears to Be Ok.

2. She Dated Model Cara Delevingne Before Him.

Supermodel Cara Delvingne and Paris Were an Adorable “it” Couple in 2018, Kissing and Cuddling in Public Places All Over the Globe.

It Was Attempted to Be Described as A “flirty Friendship.” Do We Really Think That? Then It Was Over. Some Others Claimed that The Jackson Family Had Made a Stand and Put an End to Whatever It Was.

unknown facts about paris jackson

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1. Suicide Attempts and Leaving Neverland

Paris Revealed to Rolling Stone that She Had Attempted Suicide Starting at The Age of 15. She Suffered from Depression After Her Father Passed Away. She Endured Some Trying Years.

in The Wake of The Documentary Leaving Neverland, Reports of A Second Suicide Attempt in 2019 Were Refuted by Paris. Michael Jackson Was Charged with Child Abuse in the documentary.

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