Fans May Not Know These 10+ Cool Facts About Julia Roberts.!

Hollywood royalty at its finest is Julia Roberts. She was once the highest-paid actress in the world and continues to be one of the most talked-about figures in recent history.

Here are 10+ interesting facts about Julia Roberts that fans weren’t aware of, since I’ve always liked her and want to do my part to help others learn more about this stunning and lovely woman!

1. She Was Formerly Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actress.

While $20 million for a single film may not seem like a lot of money today, it was nearly unheard of in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Julia continues to be in high demand. Even though she only worked for four days, she made a stunning $3 million for Mother’s Day!

2. Julia Is a Fervent Supporter of The Environment.

Julia even offered her vocal abilities to Conservation International. She participated in a documentary made to increase public awareness of the risks posed by globalization and climate change, along with a number of other members of Hollywood’s elite.

unknown facts about julia roberts

3. She Might Be the Most Attractive Woman on Earth.

Five times in a row, Julia has been crowned “Most Beautiful Woman” by People Magazine! Unheard of, that! She won the prestigious award for the previous time in 2017.

4. Julia Is Thought to Be a Little Bit of A Diva.

Things were apparently tense between her and the rest of the cast and crew while she was filming Hook in 1991.

5. She Wasn’t Initially Considered for “Pretty Woman.”

According to rumors, Meg Ryan was the only candidate the studio considered for the role. They looked to Julia to fill Meg’s shoes after she eventually declined, though.

6. Julia Is a Real-Life Inspiration.

Did you know that Julia Roberts is a major fan of Canadian-born singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk? Not me. Moreover, I had no idea that Chantal’s best-known song, “Julia,” was actually about Julia Roberts.

unknown facts about julia roberts

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7. Her Response in “the Necklace Scene” from “Pretty Woman” Was Very Genuine.

It wasn’t written in the screenplay for Richard Gere to secure the box! At the moment, he made it up. You can actually hear Julia’s response and laughter.

8. Julia Declined a Significant Movie Job.

Julia was the first candidate to play the female lead in Shakespeare in Love, according to Gwyneth Paltrow. Ironically, Paltrow’s performance led to her winning an Academy Award.

She clarified that at the time, she had zero interest in playing the lead in a love story.
Brad Pitt and Gwyneth just called it quits in front of the world.
She claims that Julia declined the part after failing to get Daniel Day-Lewis to play Shakespeare.

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9. Meryl Streep Absolutely Captivates Julia.

“Never has anyone worked as hard as she does, “added Julia. “She doesn’t just become brilliant by snapping her fingers. For anyone, working with Meryl Streep would be a dream come true. It is a privilege to know her.

unknown facts about julia roberts

10. She Failed Miserably on Broadway.

The large screen and the stage are quite different beasts. It does not necessarily follow that you will be able to switch to another medium just because you are successful in one. She received a scathing review from a New York Times critic for her performance!

“She will occasionally place one hand on a hip before switching to the other side to change the position. Her tone is choked, abrupt, and frequently difficult to hear. She exudes the fragility of a lady who could crumble at any moment.”

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