Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery: The Actress Denies Recent Rumors of Plastic Surgery!

American actress and author Victoria Davey Spelling was born on May 16, 1973. In 1990, she began as Donna Martin on the teen drama Beverly Hills, 90210. She’s been in a number of TV movies, such as A Friend to Die For (1994), A Carol Christmas (2003), The Mistle-Tones (2012), and Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? (1996, 2016), and The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time (2017). (2018).

She has also appeared in mainstream films like Scary Movie 2 (2001), Cthulhu (2007), Kiss the Bride (2007), and Izzie’s Way Home (2007). (2016). In 2019, she appeared as Donna Martin again on the Beverly Hills, 90210 spin-off BH90210.

Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery

During an appearance on “Jeff Lewis Live,” Tori Spelling denied the claims that she underwent plastic surgery. Spelling dismissed rumors that she had undergone pricey cosmetic surgery when host Jeff Lewis questioned her about her appearance. “First of all, I finally found a makeup artist that is truly excellent. The ‘90210’ actress added, “And my face – I look totally different “the star declared.

“The resemblance to rhinoplasty is uncanny. Basically, it’s squared away now, “she elaborated The only real effect is the contouring. Spelling has said that the “flawless” appearance of her skin is due in part to exosome facial treatments.

tori spelling plastic surgery

“Maybe I’m starting to look my age. When they told me I looked as old as Snooki (who is 33), I said, “I’ll take that.” The jovial 48-year-old Spelling said. On September 3, the “Messyness” host posted an Instagram photo with her hairstylist Laura Rugetti, which immediately ignited allegations that she had plastic surgery.

Even though the two women are wearing identical denim jumpsuits, fans pointed out that Spelling resembled Khloé Kardashian, who has also been accused of major plastic surgery.

Spelling told TMZ during the September 6 Malibu Chili Cook-Off that she was “honored” to be compared to the reality star. The author of “Stori Telling” described Kardashian as “beautiful” in an interview with TMZ.

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Together with her old 90210 costars Jennie Garth, Spelling starred in the 2014 short-lived ABC Family TV series Mystery Girls. In the 2016 animated film Izzie’s Way Home, Spelling provided the voice for April. She also starred in Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? with James Franco that same year for television.

tori spelling plastic surgery

Spelling has been the host of the television show The Look: All Stars since June 24 of this year. At the same time, she has a prominent role in the critically acclaimed Sharknado sequel, It’s About Time!

Spelling appeared on January 30, 2019, as “Unicorn” on The Masked Singer. In November 2020, Spelling and Jennie Garth, her co-star on Beverly Hills 90210, launched a podcast called 9021OMG, in which they rewatch old episodes of the show and talk about their experiences working on it with TV and radio host Sisanie Villaclara. Spelling performed as “Poodle” on The Masked Singer Australia on August 24, 2022.

Personal Life

Spelling wed actor/writer Charlie Shanian on July 3, 2004. While filming the 2005 Lifetime TV movie Mind Over Murder in Ottawa in July, Spelling met Dean McDermott, who was at the time married to Mary Jo Eustace.

After meeting one other, Spelling and McDermott immediately began cheating on their respective wives. On October 2005, Spelling and Shanian announced their split. The divorce Shanian filed for on the basis of irreconcilable differences was finalized on April 20, 2006.

tori spelling plastic surgery

Shortly after, on May 7, 2006, in a small ceremony in Wakaya, Fiji, Spelling wed McDermott. On May 8 of this year, 2010, in Beverly Hills, California, Spelling, and McDermott reaffirmed their wedding vows.

Liam Aaron (born March 13, 2007), Finn Davey (born August 30, 2012), and Beau Dean (born March 2, 2017) are the three sons, and Stella Doreen (born June 9, 2008) and Hattie Margaret (born September 2, 2010) are the two daughters (born October 10, 2011). She is also the stepmother to McDermott’s son with Eustace, Jack Montgomery McDermott (born October 10, 1998).

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When her father passed away in 2006, Spelling expected to inherit a large chunk of his $500 million legacy. Priority in the distribution of the estate was given to Spelling, her brother Randy, and their mother Candy. Candy Spelling was in charge of the estate, but she and Tori Spelling had a strained relationship. Tori and Randy Spelling each received $800,000 from their late mother’s estate, and Randy was not estranged from Candy. Candy set up a $10,000,000 trust fund for Tori’s firstborn.

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