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The Finest Piratical Video Games Available for The Personal Computer in 2022

Arr matey, I notice that you are looking for the top pirate games on the PC. Why aspiring to be a buccaneer will always be a good idea. The life of a pirate is ideal for us because of the clash of swords, the deck at your feet, the sea in your beard, and the alcohol in your stomach.

There is no purpose in remaining here and contemplating it. We’re out on a journey to search the oceans for the best treasure on land or at sea, so you better pull in the anchor and hoist the sails. That’s right, the finest ship ye ever did saw a true cornucopia of the best pirate games for the PC.

Okay, I’ll stop talking like that; it’s giving me a headache. Being a pirate is the most liberated existence. No, not that type of pirate; in order to support the developers and enjoy these games to the fullest, you should pay for them. The PC has some of the best pirate games available, from insult sword fighting to evading krakens.

Then, how about we have a look? Let’s test our swords in the top pirate PC games. Just be careful, landlubber, not to spill any alcohol on the way.


In the Browser Simulation Game Seafight, Which Has a Pirate Theme, You Navigate the Seven Seas on Pv P and Pv E Battlefields. Bigpoint, the Game’s Creator, Has Been Improving and Reworking the Experience for Well Over a Decade, Turning It Into One of The Best Pirate Games Available.

You Can Disembark onto The Regions Where You’ll only Come Across the Natural Perils of The Ocean if You’d Like to Grind and Gather Resources While Facing Sea Monsters, but If You’d Rather Play Against Other People, Then the Ship-To-Ship Combat Can Be a Lot of Fun. Despite the fact that Fighting Tougher Opponents Might Appear Scary, You Can Join a Guild and Battle with More Experienced Players to Give Yourself a Better Chance.

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Deadfire: Pillars of Eternity Ii

The First Pillars of Eternity Accomplished an Excellent Job of Attempting to Reproduce the Essence of What Made Old-School Fantasy Role-Playing Games so Famous. but Obsidian Entertainment, Who Created the Sequel, Went on A Swashbuckling Route and Created One of The Best Games of 2018.

In the Vein of Early Bio Ware Games, Pillars of Eternity Ii: Deadfire Is a Fantasy Role-Playing Game, but It’s Also a Fantastic Pirate Game with A Fantasy Twist. the Story Continues up Around Five Years After the Original Game, and You Play the Watcher Once More, However, This Time, You’ve Been Brought Back to Life and Are on The Hunt for The Dead God Eothas Across the Deadfire Archipelago.

the Story Is Written to Enthral, and It Succeeds Admirably in That Endeavour. the World Is Fun to Explore as Well; It Has the Impression of Being Inhabited by Genuine People, an Endearing Cast that Puts Your Morality to The Test and Tries Your Willpower.

But Deadfire Is Fundamentally a Pirate Game. You Navigate Your Dependable Ship Into Uncharted Waters While Engaging in Strategic Ship Fights, Pursuing Spoils of War, and Participating in A Grand High Seas Adventure.

The Monkey Island Curse

The Lucas Arts Monkey Island Series Should Always Be at The Top of The List when Discussing Pirate Games. the Five Games in The Series Manage to Examine Every Facet of The Buccaneer Way of Life, Making Them Some of The Best Point-And-Click Adventures Ever Created.

The Curse of Monkey Island, the Third Game in The Series, Is the One You Should Start Playing if You Can Only Choose One Because It Serves as A “Best Of” for The Entire Collection of Monkey Island Titles. It’s Amusing and Intelligent, and One of The Best-Looking Games out There Because of The Hand-Painted Backdrops.

a Point-And-Click Masterpiece Is Created when Outstanding Voice Acting, a Song and Dance Sequence, and Murray the Demonic Skull’s Introduction Are Added. Murray Is One of The Best Videogame Characters Ever Created.

A List of The Finest Pirate Games Would Be Incomplete Without It Because It Is the Only Game in The Quintology in Which You May Actually Sail a Ship and Engage in Some Piracy. and Yes, There Is Insult Swordfighting—a Monkey Island Game Wouldn’t Be Complete without That.

Sea Canine

Sea Dogs Is More of A Pirate Rpg than An Action-Adventure Game; You Aren’t Even Required to Be a Pirate if You Don’t Want to Be.

You Take Your Modest Sloop After Making Your Escape with A Gang of Convicts, and You Are Then Free to Do as You Like. You Can Progress Through Several Storylines, Accept Missions from Various Nations, Take Cargo, And, if You so Want, Even Become Into a Trade Merchant.

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Alternately, Take on The Pirates’ Missions and Establish Yourself as The Biggest, Worst Privateer on The Seven Seas. Even if The Voice Acting and Graphics Have Aged, This Is Still One of The Best Pc Rp Gs Available.

Actually, the Sea Dogs 2 Sequel, Which Disney Repurposed and Made Into the Official Pirates of The Caribbean Video Game to Go Along with The First Film, Is Just as Good. the Original Game Is Presently Unavailable on Pc Due to The Ip, but Despite This, It’s Probably the Superior Game Overall, and All of Its Fantastic Expansions Are Available on Gog.

Pirates of The Caribbean Lego Set

The Most Popular Pirate Movie Franchise Is Pirates of The Caribbean, but Sadly, Games Based on The Series Tend to Be Cursed (it’s that Voodoo Lady) — They’re Either Terrible, Difficult to Play on Contemporary P Cs or Have Been Abandoned. Fortunately, Lego Pirates of The Caribbean Is Fantastic Since It Accurately Portrays the Show and Is Accessible.

The First Four Pirates of The Caribbean Films Are Covered by Lego Pirates of The Caribbean, Which Developer Tt Games Has Lovingly and Humorously Recreated. Expect Anything from Elizabeth Discovering the Black Pearl to The Fountain of Youth Being Destroyed.

The Last Lego Game without Voice Acting Is This One. This May Sound Negative, but The Mimed Jokes Are One of The Best Things About the Lego Games, in Addition to Eliminating All Language Barriers. the Games’ Ability to Appeal to Our Innate Need to Accumulate Everything Is Their Biggest Draw. Few Things Are as Fulfilling as Completing a Lego Game To The Fullest.

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Pirates from Sid Meier!

An Old Pirate Strategy Game Was Produced by The Firaxis Team that Later Built Xcom and Civilization. It’s One of The Greatest Pirate Games Ever, Which Is Perhaps Not a Surprise, and It Shouldn’t Be Forgotten. Despite Being a 2004 Remake of A 1987 Game by Sid Meier, the Game Is Much More Playable and Enjoyable Now than It Was Then Because of The Attractive Artwork and Straightforward, Clever Gameplay.

Sid Meier’s Pirates! Is an Open-World Strategy Game with A Lighter Tone than Civilization or Xcom but Just as Fascinating Gameplay. You Progress from Being a Minor Captain of A Drab Ship to The Most Dreaded Pirate on The High Seas. You Can Battle Opponents, Raid Ships, Ransack Cities, and Even Practise Ballroom Dancing.

Furthermore, You Have the Power to Influence and Change the Entire Political Climate in The Caribbean. Your Exploits Don’t Just Revolve Around Your Own Misadventures. if You Seize a Ship Carrying a Peace Deal Between England and Spain, They May Start Fighting, Allowing You to Carry out Your Looting without Fear. What Did You Expect from The Person Who Created Civilization when They Created This Game, Which Is Arguably the Most Enjoyable and Engrossing on This List?

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Black Flag (Assassin’s Creed Iv)

One of The Best Open World Games on This List, Assassin’s Creed Iv: Black Flag Is an Excellent Pirate Game as Well as A Superb Assassin’s Creed Entry.

The Main Draw Is Edward Kenway, the Most Charismatic Assassin in History and A Tremendously Likeable Leading Figure. Fans of Assassin’s Creed Will Surely Find Enjoyment in The Account of His Struggle to Prevent the Templars from Discovering the Sage, but A Much Larger Audience Will Find Interest in Kenway’s and The Other Captains’ Aspirations to Create a Utopian Pirate Society.

You Are the Captain of Your Own Ship and Crew, Exploring the Entire Caribbean in Search of Ships to Rob, Valuables to Steal, and Exciting New Adventures. the Ship-To-Ship Combat Is a Highlight; It Is Challenging but Also Simple to Learn in The Heat of The Moment—this Isn’t a Naval Simulator.

but Don’t Overlook the Wonderful Sea Shanties. when You Can Sail the Seas to Your Crew Singing “the Coast of High Barbary,” “lowlands Away,” or The Timeless “drunken Sailor,” Who Needs an Enormous symphonic soundtrack?


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