Actress Melissa Gilbert Talks About Her Weight Loss Progress in Little House on the Prairie!

Melissa Ellen Gilbert is a native American actor, director of television, producer, politician, and former president of the Screen Actors Guild. She was born on May 8, 1964.

Gilbert began her acting career in the late 1960s when she was just a child. She had roles in a number of commercials and TV guest appearances. On NBC’s Little House on the Prairie, she was featured as Laura Ingalls Wilder, the second eldest daughter of Charles Ingalls (Michael Landon), from 1974 to 1983. Gilbert had several TV movie appearances throughout the course of Little House, including Anne Frank’s Diary and The Miracle Worker.

She maintained a career in cinema primarily for television as an adult. Gilbert has kept up her guest-starring TV appearances and voice acting, most notably in Batman: The Animated Series as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. In a touring production of Little House on the Prairie, the Musical, Gilbert played Caroline “Ma” Ingalls from 2009 to 2010. Dancing with the Stars is an ABC reality dancing competition that she participated in during its fourteenth season in 2012.

Melissa Gilbert’s Weight Loss Journey

I bet you’ve always wondered what vegan versions of chicken pot pie biscuits may look like. Well, Melissa Gilbert of Little House on the Prairie fame has just treated her Instagram fans to her version of the delicious meal. This pot pie is calling my name. These photos are so good that I can almost smell them while reading about them on Instagram.

melissa gilbert weight loss

It would appear that Melissa Gilbert is on a mission to shed some pounds, and she’s keeping her admirers updated on her progress by posting healthy recipes. “A vegan ‘chicken’ pot pie with an herbed biscuit crust,” she captioned the mouthwatering photo she posted to Instagram from her kitchen.

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Melissa Gilberts Said

She “changed the lifestyle” and lost 10 pounds The actress says she’s getting very close to her ideal weight. To top it all off, we get to indulge in feasts like this one.

As for the remaining 10 pounds, Gilbert claims it’s all because of her new healthy habits. The combination of eating a #plantbased diet and using @noom has me feeling better than ever before. In her post, the actress also uses the hashtags “#vegan,” “healthy,” “strong,” “food,” “noom,” and “healthy” weight loss.

The actress’s excellent appearance has never been a surprise. There aren’t many people who would dare to argue that the actress, who already has a slim frame, might benefit from losing any more weight.

The actress’s first grandchild was born earlier this year, so her health kick makes perfect sense. It’s only natural that Melissa Gilbert, who just welcomed a new baby girl into her family, would want to improve her health and stamina so that she can keep up with her adorable daughter as she develops.

The Pandemic and The Book “Little House”

The Little House on the Prairie star appears to be doing OK, what with her newfound commitment to fitness, her expanding family, and the fact that she is simply carrying on with life despite the pandemic. Even in the midst of the pandemic, Gilbert has seen a resurgence in interest in the hit TV show for which she is best known. She compares the unpredictability of the epidemic to that of the show’s premiere.

melissa gilbert weight loss

In 1974, while the United States was experiencing energy shortages, Watergate, and the impeachment of Richard Nixon, the show’s pilot episode first aired. Through the years, Little House has served as a powerful symbol of the United States’ ability to persevere through adversity. What a great reminder and message for now.

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Presidency of The Screen Actors Guild

After a heated campaign in 2001, Gilbert was finally elected president of the Screen Actors Guild with 21,351 votes to 12,613 for her opponent, Valerie Harper of Rhoda. In 2003, she won reelection with 50% of the vote to Kent McCord’s 42%.

She stated her decision to not run for a third term in July of 2005. Upon her departure, Alan Rosenberg was elected president of the guild on September 25.

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