Killing Stalking Anime Release Date: Is It Officially Confirmed?

Killing Stalking, written and illustrated by Koogi, was published from November 23, 2016, through early 2019, with a total of 67 chapters.

Lezhin Comics published the manga online in Korean and English, and it received the Grand Prize Award of 100,000,000 won in the second Lezhin World Comics contest.

Following the enormous success of the manhwa Killing Stalking, fans of the series are eagerly anticipating an anime adaptation. Is it possible that we’ll have it in 2022?

We’ve all liked someone because of their personality, appearance, or both. But when you get to know someone better, they transform into someone else—have you ever experienced this? Killing Stalking is another manhwa by Koogi that has captured the hearts of many readers with its storyline, plot, and characters.

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Killing Stalking Anime Release Date

It’s not possible for every manhwa to have a good plot, easy character development, and the interest of the fans all in one bundle.

However, Koogi’s ‘Killing Stalking’ has achieved all of these goals, particularly the attention of fans. The attention of the fans is dispersed around the venue.

Some people praise the manhwa and its story, while others condemn it for glorifying rape and abuse. We’ll even call attention to some of the fan remarks.

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Killing Stalking Plot

Yoon Bum, who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder, likes Oh Sangwoo in this narrative set in the current world.

Bum is smitten with Sangwoo, and they are both college students. Both Sangwoo and Bum lived a life full of misfortunes.

Killing Stalking Anime Release Date

Bum lost his parents, was adopted by his uncle and was raped by his uncle, troops in the army, and Sangwoo throughout his childhood. Sangwoo, on the other hand, did a slew of ‘not-so-good’ things that are difficult to put into words.

Sangwoo is a serial killer, an abuser, a murderer, a rapist, a manipulator, and a danger, to name a few things.

It’s difficult to come across a manhwa like Killing Stalking. And if you happen to come upon this manhwa, you’ll be left wondering, “Why isn’t this manhwa being adapted into an anime?” It’s feasible that some studios might be willing to embark on the project.

Will Killing Stalking Have an Anime Adaptation?

There are some fan-created Killing Stalking animations, but no official company has made any such announcements.

As a result, we won’t be seeing an anime version of Killing Stalking until 2022. However, we may see an announcement for the same if a studio sees its potential and picks it up. However, the exact date of its publication is unknown at this time.

Killing Stalking Anime Release Date

The chAosOPUS, a horror-focused Indie studio mOss studio, is working on a 3DCG work called Killing Stalking.

They’ve taken up the task of Killing Stalking, and even the author is willing to assist. Looking at it, it appears that the job has been completed to a large extent. Many fans, however, would also like to see a Japanese animated film.

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Fans Review

For some fans, Killing Stalking isn’t all that wonderful. It’s a bit of a psychological trigger. Others in the Killing Stalking (KS) fandom lash out at Bum for his behavior and deeds towards Sangwoo, while others connect with the tale and characters.

Others are appalled that people are truly shipping Bum and Sangwoo, who are nothing more than an abuser and a victim in their relationship.

Killing Stalking Anime Release Date

When Seungbae was the one who saved Bum, some fans were critical of him.

They are enraged at Bum’s actions in abandoning Sangwoo. While there are supporters who defend these remarks, there are also those that ship and root for Bum and Sangwoo.

Many fans have also attempted to rationalize the author’s behavior. Some people believe the author romanticizes rape and abuse.

All of these charges, however, have been refuted by the author. However, their statement is contradicted by Koogi’s the author’s artwork and fanart.

Any author who normalizes rape and abuse should be ashamed of themselves. It is unjustifiable for fans to lash out at the creator.

Sharing your personal opinions is fine, but imposing your ideas on someone who is simply doing their job is unacceptable.

Neither the author, who is simply performing their job, nor any of the fans, who are simply sharing their opinions, are in error. It is more professional and appropriate to understand the task and receive feedback on your work.

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