8 Amazing Unknown Facts About Jeffrey Dahmer…!

An infamous American serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer was also known as the Milwaukee Monster. He was found guilty of 15 Wisconsin killings out of the 16 that he committed. He received a 15-year prison sentence in February 1992. Prior to his murder, Jeffrey Dahmer’s net worth was reportedly at $2 million.

Some Unknown Facts about Jeffrey Dahmer 

1. He might have been irrevocably transformed by a childhood operation.

Before having surgery for a double hernia, his family claims that Dahmer was a joyful and active child. His younger brother was born at the same time, and the family frequently moved to other areas of Ohio.

Investigators think that Dahmer’s psyche was permanently changed as a result of the cumulative effect of these incidents, starting with the surgery. He was no longer the same joyful boy he had previously been, and he started to isolate himself.

In hindsight, some professionals have hypothesized that Dahmer may have had undiagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome rather than the surgery as the reason he withdrew.

Additionally, it was discovered by researchers that Joyce Dahmer struggled with mental illness while carrying Jeffrey and took a number of prescription drugs throughout her pregnancy.

2. Dahmer’s father, a biologist, supported his son’s obsession with animal bones when he was a little boy.

Dahmer has always been fascinated with animal bones, including the sounds they make and how they fit together. At the age of 10, Dahmer escalated his fascination by asking his chemical engineer father what would happen if bleach and chicken bones were mixed.

Lionel Dahmer was pleased to demonstrate to young Jeffrey how to clean and preserve animal bones with bleach because he thought his son was finally discovering a passion—and a scientific one at that. Of course, such techniques were used extensively in Jeffrey Dahmer’s actions as an adult, from the removal of the dead to the cleaning of the skulls he later collected.

3. He Drank Booze All Day Long, Even in High School.

 Jeffrey Dahmer unknown facts

When he was a teenager, Jeffrey Dahmer started drinking heavily. His fellow students remembered him sneaking bottles into his locker or bringing in all kinds of hard liquor. Dahmer’s parents even engaged a private tutor in the hopes of improving his grades because the drinking had a bad effect on his academic performance and made him feel more alone.

Nevertheless, several pupils thought of Dahmer as a jokester who played practical jokes on others. He played tennis and spent a year in the school band, and his teachers said that his ordinary grades were the result of laziness rather than a lack of intelligence.

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4. She Started Committing Murder Just Three Weeks After Finishing High School.

Jeffrey Dahmer picked up Steven Mark Hicks, an 18-year-old hitchhiker, in the summer of 1978, just a few weeks after Steven Mark graduated from high school. Hicks was headed to a rock event when Dahmer persuaded him to come with him so they could drink together at his house.

Hicks declared his wish to leave after drinking for several hours. Instead, Dahmer used a 10-pound dumbbell to bash Hicks to death. After Dahmer had killed 16 other people and was eventually in police custody in the 1990s, the murder of Hicks would come to light.

5. Dahmer was a combat medic in the American Army.

 Jeffrey Dahmer unknown facts

Dahmer enrolled in the American Army in January 1979. He received his medical training in San Antonio, Texas, before being sent to Baumholder, West Germany. Between 1979 and 1981, Dahmer worked as a military medic, and it is believed that during this period, he raped two troops.

The first victim said that Dahmer had raped him once after giving him drugs. The second man, who was Dahmer’s roommate, claimed that while they were living together, he had been regularly raped.

Even in West Germany, Dahmer’s alcoholism persisted. Dahmer received an honorable discharge and was returned to the United States in 1981 after being deemed unfit for military service.

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6. While residing at his grandmother’s home, Dahmer slaughtered and preserved the remains of up to four men.

Dahmer spent a brief period of time living with his father and stepmother in Ohio after returning from West Germany. Dahmer then moved to West Allis, Wisconsin, in December of 1981 to live with his grandmother.

Dahmer held a variety of day occupations while he was in this country, including a phlebotomist and a mixer at a chocolate factory. He began preying on young men while he wasn’t working and frequented bathhouses.

A number of his victims were led back to his grandmother’s house by Dahmer, where they were drugged, raped, and murdered. There was also a lot of dismemberment. Eventually, Dahmer’s grandmother requested her grandson to leave her house because of the “foul smells” coming from the basement and because he had a history of bringing men home late at night.

7. Dahmer liked seeing the Exorcist movies

 Jeffrey Dahmer unknown facts

The Exorcist III was playing as Dahmer attempted to restrain and attack Tracy Edwards, who was to be Dahmer’s 18th victim but managed to flee and guide police back to Dahmer’s flat. Dr. Park Dietz, a forensic psychiatrist, spoke with Dahmer for hours following his arrest in an effort to comprehend his motivation for killing.

The Exorcist III and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi were two movies Dahmer frequently watched before cruising for victims, according to Dr. Dietz’s testimony. As was the case with Edwards, he would occasionally watch these movies with his victims before attacking them.

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8. He was constructing an altar out of the skulls of his victims when he was 

After his intended 18th victim ran away from Jeffrey Dahmer’s Milwaukee residence and called the police, police were able to apprehend him in July 1991. Authorities discovered a grisly scene when they arrived: bleached skulls in his closet, two whole skeletons, torsos dissolving in an industrial drum filled with acid, and human remains stashed in the freezer.

For these remains, Dahmer had plans. He claimed to have a large altar decorated with skulls and bones in his flat that, had police caught him six months later, they would have discovered. A black leather chair that gave Dahmer a place to sit was part of the altar’s design. The altar, according to Dahmer, would be a place for him to “feel at home.”

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