Jake Borelli Weight Gain: Jake Has Gained Weight in Grey’s Anatomy!

Jake Borelli, an American actor, was born on May 13, 1991. He is best recognized for his appearances as Dr. Levi Schmitt on ABC’s medical drama Grey’s Anatomy and Wolfgang on Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans (2015-2018).

Borelli was born to Linda Borelli and Mike Borelli in Columbus, Ohio. Ben and Zack, his two elder brothers, are his role models. He won a national art competition in his senior year of high school, which piqued his interest in art and led him to contemplate enrolling in art school.

After finishing high school in Upper Arlington in 2009, he received acceptance letters from both UCLA and Ohio State University but ultimately chose to pursue an acting career in California.

This Is Why Jake Borelli Has Put on So Much Weight!

Since then, he’s been in a slew of miniseries. 2017 saw his debut in the Netflix comedy-drama Reality High. His role as Dr. Levi Schmitt, an intern on Grey’s Anatomy, was announced the same year. After those five years, he finally finished Season 19 of the show that just premiered on television.

His weight gain is evident in the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy. However, he has not acknowledged it despite the fans’ enthusiasm. All the information we have thus far regarding Jake Borelli’s weight gain is as follows.

Levi’s growth in weight is the result of his own free will and unhealthy eating habits, rather than a medical condition.

jake borelli weight gain

The last episode of Season 18 of the medical drama aired on May 24, 2022, and production wrapped a few months earlier. Jake gained weight during his typical gap when he binge ate and didn’t go to the gym.

Because of this, the actor’s rapid weight gain may be attributed only to his dietary habits. It’s also rather usual, seeing as how most people put on weight and go through 20- to 30-pound swings. As a result, Jake gained weight in a healthy way, just like everyone else.

Even though it’s possible that Borelli will put on weight due to the next season’s screenplay demand, the vast majority of internet users have been caught fat-shaming the actor.

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Jake Borelli Dishes on His Character’s Relationship with Dr. Jo Wilson!

In a recent interview with ExtraTV, co-stars Jake Borelli and Camilla Luddington talked about how much they enjoy playing best friends on Grey’s Anatomy. Indeed, Borelli said

It’s no exaggeration to say that the bond we’ve built is my favorite aspect of the show. Our bond is wonderful, and it has been thus from the very first day I arrived to begin filming there.

Luddington agreed, saying, “They’re always funny together!” …and she liked seeing how the different personalities interacted. Every one of Grey’s Anatomy’s hundreds of episodes (including the ones in which Ellen Pompeo doesn’t appear) contains character links, and it’s fascinating to see how those connections are interpreted by the performers.

Even off-screen, Borelli clearly cares deeply about the relationship his character shares with Dr. Wilson. In the year 2020, BuzzFeed sat down with Luddington to answer some of his most avid followers’ most pressing questions.

Luddington Said

“I text Jake all the time!” when asked if the romantic chemistry between her and Levi’s characters affected their friendship off-screen. Simultaneously, Borelli tweeted, “Uggg I adore my scenes with @camilluddington.,” indicating his agreement with her point of view.

Profession and Life of Jake Borelli

Borelli‘s career in Hollywood began when he landed guest spots on shows like iCarly (with Pierson Fode and Noah Munck) and continued with parts in Parenthood, NCIS: Los Angeles, True Jackson, VP, Greek, and Suburgatory.

jake borelli weight gain

Elf Employment (2011), Nesting (2012), Meanamorphosis (2015), Reality High (2017), A Cohort of Guests (2017), How’s the World Treating you? (2019), and The Thing About Harry (2020) are only a few of the films in which he has appeared.

Among Jake’s many TV credits are roles as Shawn Spencer on “Psych: Flashback to the Teen Years” (2009), “Roy” on “iCarly” (2010), “High School Guy” on “The Forgotten” (2010), “Steve’s Friend” on “Parenthood” (2010), “Stefan Maragos” on “NCIS: Los Angeles” (2010), “True Jackson, VP” (2010) as “Harvey.

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Jacob Borelli’s Estimated Wealth Compensation

Borelli’s principal source of income is acting, which has led to an estimated $1–5 million in his net worth.

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