How to Take Control of Your Lighting Using OpenRGB on Linux.!

Any monotonous computer setup can be given new life with RGB lights. Right now, you can get RGB lighting for practically all of your PC’s parts, including fans, keyboards, mice, and even fans. The icing on the cake is that the majority of these component makers include their own software for managing their lighting systems in their shipping packages.

For Linux users, things aren’t quite that straightforward. Sadly, the majority of these programs are typically proprietary. To make matters worse, Linux users cannot use these pieces of software.

The open-source RGB control software, in this case, OpenRGB, steps in to help with that. We will cover every aspect of OpenRGB in this manual, including its features, setup, and usage. Let’s get started!

1. Open Rgb

A Particularly Well-Liked Rgb Lighting Control Programme Is Open RGB. Normally, Rgb Lighting Is Controlled by The Software that Comes with Computer Peripherals, However Pairing Multiple Brands in The Same Setup Can Cause the Lights to Malfunction and Result in A Race Condition.

You Lose Performance by Installing the Software Since It Consumes Too Many Resources. This Problem Can Be Fixed by Utilising Open Rgb to Manage All of Your Accessories Through a Single User Interface. It Is a Cross-Platform Programme that Works with Linux, Mac Os, and Windows.

Linux Installation of Open Rgb

There Are Numerous File Types, Including App Images, Deb, And. Rpm, that The Open Rgb Installer Is Available In. App image Files Have Their Own Executable. to Install New Software, Fedora or Red Hat-based Linux Distributions Utilise Rpm Files, While Debian-Based Linux Distributions Use Deb Files.

how to control rgb lighting on linux

All Linux Versions Support Appimage, Which Can Be Used to Set up A Portable Version of Open Rgb. to Install an Appimage File on Your Linux Desktop, Follow the Instructions Listed Below.

  • Download the Most Recent Open Rgb Appimage Version.
  • Go to The Directory Where the Appimage File Is Located, Right-Click on It, and Then Choose “properties.”
  • Enable the “Allow Executing File as A Programme” Option Under the “permissions” Tab.
  • To Launch the Software, Double-Click on The Appimage File.

If Your Distribution Is Based on Debian or Ubuntu:

  • Get The. Deb File Now.
  • Open a New Terminal Window in The Location Where The. Deb File Is Located.
  • Run the Dpkg Command in Your Terminal to Install the.Deb File.

Dpkg -I [.Deb File Name] in Sudo

The Dnf Package Manager Can Be Used to Install An. Rpm File on Your Device if You Are Running Fedora or Another Red Hat-Based Linux Distribution Like Cent Os.

  • Go to The Official Website and Download The. Rpm File.
  • Launch a Terminal Window in The Directory Where the Downloaded File Is Located.
  • To Install The. Rpm File Using the DNF Package Manager, Enter the Following Command Into the Terminal.

2. Asusctl

Only Asus Rog Computers Are Supported by The Asusctl Utility. This Tool’s Main Objective Is To Offer the Software Functionality Found on Windows Rog Laptops’ Armoury Crates.

To Operate with Fan Speed Control, Keyboard Lighting Control, Etc., Asusctl Requires the Most Recent Patched Kernel. Using Dbus Techniques, Programme Developers Can Communicate with Certain System Resources.

To Check if Your Laptop’s Rgb Lighting Is Compatible with The Asusctl Software, Run the Command Below.


If You Notice Output Looking Like This:

Id 0b05:1866 for Device 002 on Bus 001 N-Key Device by Asus Tek Computer, Inc.

Asusctl Is Completely Compatible with Your Laptop. You Can Use Other Functions, Like Fan Control and Battery-Charging Control if This Isn’t There in The Output, but You Won’t Be Able to Customise a Keyboard Light.

how to control rgb lighting on linux

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The Asus System Daemon Is Used by Asusctl to Manage the Background Process. This Utility Has a Very User-Friendly Gui and Will Be Very Light on Your System Because It Is Written in Rust.

All Essential Capabilities Are Included in The Asusctl Gui, Including the Ability to Set Rgb per Key, Charging Control, Rgb Dynamic Effect, Etc. the Animation Matrix Included with Asus Zephyrus Series Laptops Is Also Supported by It.

3. Tuf Control

An Experimental, Unofficial Linux Platform Driver Module for Asus Tuf Gaming Series Laptops Called Faustus Has a Gui Wrapper Called Tuf Control.

Backported Versions of The Asus-Wmi and Asus-Nb-Wmi Drivers from The Mainline Are Included, Along with An Rgb Backlight that Has Been Crudely Scaled Down to Fit These Laptops and Is Packaged as A Dkms Module for 4. X and 5. X Kernels.

Faustus Has the Ability to Regulate Rgb Keyboard Colour, Fan Boost, and Keyboard Backlighting.

Linux Installation of Tuf-Control and Faustus

The “/etc/modprobe.D/faustus.Conf” File Must First Be Created Before the Faustus Driver Can Be Installed on Your Laptop:

Execute Nano /etc/modprobe.D/faustus.Conf

how to control rgb lighting on linux

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The Following Text In the Document:

Obstruct Asus Wmi

Obstruct Asus Nb Wmi

Save the File, Then Exit. Restart the Computer.

Install dkms After that On Your Pc.

  • Install dkms with Sudo Apt
  • Utilize Make to Install the Module After You Clone the Repository from Git Hub.

Git Clone “faustus.Git” Https://github.Com/hackbnw

Fastasus, Cd

Create Dkms

Modprobe Faustus with Sudo

Use the Next Command to Load the Faustus Module at Boot Time:

Make Onboot with Sudo

The Faustus Driver Can Be Configured with The Help of The User-Friendly Gui Application Known as Tuf Control. for Ubuntu- and Fedora-Based Distributions, You Can Compile the Tuf-Control from The Repository Into Both. Deb And.Rpm Files.

how to control rgb lighting on linux

  • Clone the Tuf-Control.Git Repository Using Git
  • Tuf-Control on Cd
  • Install Electron-Packager Using Npm
  • Run-Script Npm Build
  • Electron-Installer-Debian Npm Install
  • Debian-Based Electron Installer —src Dist/tufcontrol-Electron —dest Installers —arch Amd64
  • Please Execute Each of The Ensuing Commands One at A Time to Create An. Rpm Package.
  • Clone the Tuf-Control.Git Repository Using Git
  • Tuf-Control on Cd
  • Install Electron-Packager Using Npm
  • Run-Script Npm Build
  • Electron-Installer-Redhat Npm Install
  • Redhat-Electronic-Installer —src Dist/tufcontrol-Electron —dest Install

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