How to Link a Play Station 4 Controller to An Android Device..!

On your phone or tablet, playing mobile games isn’t limited to using the touchscreen. A somewhat more pleasant approach to enjoying gaming on your mobile device is provided by the majority of Android 10 and above titles, which also enable controller inputs.

In some games, using a controller is more comfortable than using touchscreen controls since it puts your hands in a more ergonomic position. Even while many controllers are made expressly to function with mobile devices, if you already own a PlayStation 4, you might not need one.

Android devices and PS4 controllers are compatible, and you can quickly set up your PS4 controller to play with your Android.

How to Link an iPhone to A Ps4 Controller

1. Press the PlayStation and Share buttons on your PS4 controller. Hold both buttons down until your PS4 controller enters pairing mode, at which point the backlight light will begin blinking.

2. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and choose the Bluetooth tab when your controller is in pairing mode. Check to see if Bluetooth is turned on in your iPhone; if not, turn it on by tapping the slider at the top of this screen.

3. A Bluetooth device nearby will be found on your iPhone. If you’re using an official PS4 controller, it’ll probably be labeled DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller when it finds your controller and displays its name under Other Devices. Connect by tapping it.

4. Hold on a second. The controller will appear under My Devices with the label “Connected” if the connection has been made successfully.

how to connect ps4 controller to phone

Have fun playing! And Apple Arcade has a tonne of fantastic options if you’re searching for a new game to play with your new controls.

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How to Connect an iPhone or IPad to A Ps4 Controller

The DualShock 4 won’t connect properly unless your Apple device is upgraded to iOS 13/iPadOS 13 or higher. Open your Settings app and select the Bluetooth menu option once it has been updated.

Hold down the PS button (the central button with the Playstation logo) and the Share button (the little button to the right of the D-pad and to the left of the touchpad) on your DualShock at the same time.
Hold onto those buttons until the light on the controller’s rear begins to double-blink before pausing periodically.

It should only take a few seconds to complete this. The controller will flicker slowly without pausing if you release the button too soon, but your iPhone or iPad won’t see it.

how to connect ps4 controller to phone

Check the Bluetooth Settings menu under “Other Devices” on iOS/iPadOS once the controller starts blinking. As soon as the controller enters pairing mode, the message “DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller” ought to appear.

The controller should connect and show up in “My Devices” shortly after you select the DUALSHOCK option. The controller light will turn a solid shade of pinkish red once it has synchronized.

The DualShock possibly exited pairing mode if you waited too long if the controller was glowing normally but couldn’t pair. Re-press and hold the buttons, then swiftly hit the “Other Devices” option once more. This time, it ought to succeed.

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How to Connect an Android Phone to A Ps4 Controller

Your phone must be able to run Android 10 or later in order to connect your DualShock 4 through Bluetooth. If it cannot, you must either utilize a wired connection (see below) or purchase a new Android phone.

Go to Settings. Depending on the phone, these steps may differ, however on stock Android, you must select Connected devices > + Pair new device.

Press and hold both the PS (the center button with the Playstation logo) and the Share (the little button to the right of the D-pad and to the left of the touchpad) buttons on your controller simultaneously.

Don’t release the buttons before the back LED lights up in a double-blink pattern, as we previously said, or your phone won’t be able to recognize it.

how to connect ps4 controller to phone

Once the DualShock 4 is in pairing mode, you can pick it under “Available devices” as a “Wireless controller.” To confirm the connection, tap it twice and then hit “Pair.” The LED should change to a single, consistent color—in this case, blue.

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