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Changing Siri’s Voice on Your IPhone: The Steps You Need to Take..!

I have a love-hate relationship with Siri. We occasionally get along until it decides to act independently and prove to me that it never truly deserved my faith. Of course, I joke. However, altering Siri’s voice can make the digital assistant more tolerable and entertaining.

Siri has come a long way to become a reasonably trustworthy voice assistant, it’s true. Over 50% of the time now, asking it to perform something works, and trying is always enjoyable.

Siri’s voice can be altered in ways other than simply giving it a cute new accent. Siri can now sound more like your voice thanks to a multitude of voices available, including accents, genders, and a gender-neutral option.

As one of many immigrants in this nation, I believe that a little bit of inclusivity may go a long way in a society that is becoming increasingly divided.

How to Modify the Voice of Siri

When I Acquire a New iPhone, One of The First Things I Do Is Alter Siri’s Voice. I Enjoy Having My Technology Customised to My Preferences.

Therefore, Anytime I Receive a New Device, I Want to Explore All the Customising Options and Become Familiar with All the Settings, and Siri Is No Different.

how to change siri voice

1. Navigate to Settings on Your iPhone

Within the Settings App on Your iPhone, You Can Access Siri’s Configuration Options.

2. Tap Siri and Then Search

Find Siri & Search in The List of Options by Navigating to Your Settings and Scrolling Down.

3. Choose Siri Voice.

You’ll Get a Menu of Settings to Help You Personalise Your Experience with Siri when You Tap on Siri & Search. You Can Choose Which Language Siri Will Speak and Comprehend from The Drop-Down Menu Under Language.

You Can Also Choose Whether Your iPhone Will Be Continually on The Lookout for The Wake Phrase “hey Siri.” Other Choices Include the Siri Lock-Screen Settings and Whether You May Use the Side Button to Activate It.

how to change siri voice

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4. Select a New Voice for Siri.

Choose the New Voice You Wish Siri to Employ. I Don’t Know Why, but As a Fan of Foreign Accents, I Find It More Entertaining when Siri Uses an Australian Man’s Voice. It is at least Smoothing out Siri’s Incorrect Responses.

How to Modify Siri’s Voice on An IPad or iPhone

Going to Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Voice on An I Phone or IPad Makes It Simple to Choose One of The New Voice Options for Siri. Then, on Your iPhone or IPad, You May Decide Which Voice You Want Siri to Use.

Four Distinct Voices, Two Male and Two Female Are Now Available to Use with Siri if You Select American from The Voice Menu. Your I Phone Will Download Your New Voice After You’ve Made Your Choice so That It Can Be Utilised the Following Time You Say “hey Siri.”

how to change siri voice

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How to Modify Siri’s Voice on A Mac

You Must Go to the Apple Menu, Choose System Preferences, and Then Select Siri Voice to Alter Siri’s Voice on Your Mac. After That, You May Choose Whatever Voice You Want to Use on Your Mac.

How to Configure Siri on The Apple Watch

The Language and Voice that You Have Selected for Your iPhone Will Essentially Be Used on Your Apple Watch as Siri Will Use the Same Language that You Have Set up On Your iPhone.

how to change siri voice

So, Use the Instructions Above to Modify the Voice on The iPhone and IPad Before Changing It on Your Apple Watch.

It Would Be Fantastic to Have More Alternatives for The Voice You Can Choose for Siri on Your Device, so We’re Hopeful Apple Will Soon Add Some Additional Voice Options for Other Nations. Visit the Apple Website for More Information About Siri.


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