The Step-By-Step Guide to Unblocking “Potentially Sensitive Content” on Twitter.!

To help Twitter identify the type of material you are uploading and to help us help others find the content they’re interested in, all Twitter accounts have media settings.

Twitter can identify potentially sensitive information, such as violence or nudity, that other user may not want to see by properly designating your media settings. We kindly request that you change your media settings if you intend to consistently submit this type of content.

How to Identify Specific Tweets with Sensitive Media

Everyone using Android, iOS, and the web now has the opportunity to add one-time sensitive content warnings to the images and videos they tweet.

When modifying a photo or video that you’ve connected to a Tweet, tap or click the flag symbol to add a content warning. Your media options allow you to choose how and when you want to view sensitive material.

how to change sensitive content on twitter

What Will Happen if My Profile Image Breaks Twitter’s Rules?

We May Temporarily Suspend Your Account and Delete Any Content that Is in Violation of The Twitter Rules in Your Profile or Header Image. a Permanent Suspension Will Be Imposed for Persistent Offences.

Additionally, if any of The Media on Your Profile Violates Twitter’s Media Guidelines, Your Account Can Be Locked. You Must Go by Our Instructions and Get Rid of The Offending Media in Order for Us to Unlock Your Account. for Further Details if Your Account Has Been Locked, Check This Article.

Can I Challenge a Twitter Decision?

Logging Into Your Account and Submitting an Appeal Here Are the Only Options Available to You if You Are Suspended for Having Graphic Violence or Adult Content in Your Profile Image or Header Image.

The Decision by Twitter to Permanently Change Your Account Option to Mark Media You Tweet as Possibly Having Sensitive Content in Response to Persistently Mislabeling Sensitive Information Cannot Presently Be Appealed.

how to change sensitive content on twitter

What Occurs to The Delicate Media that I Report?

In Order to Comply with Twitter’s Media Regulations, Twitter Evaluates Reports of Media that Users Have Identified in Order to Assess Whether a Warning Message Is Necessary.

Please Keep in Mind that When You Flag Media, the Twitter Team Will Become Aware of It. the Reported Content Won’t Necessarily Get a Warning or Be Taken Down from The Website.

See Twitter’s Media Policy for More on Your Options if Your Content Is Flagged as Sensitive.

how to change sensitive content on twitter

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How to Ignore the “Sensitive Content” Notification

Through Twitter’s Privacy Settings, You Can Turn Off the Sensitive Content Alert. These Choices May Be Found in The Same Location in The Twitter App for Android, but Not in The iPhone or IPad Version.

However, if You Alter the Setting Online, the Twitter Apps for The I Phone and IPad Will Show You Sensitive Content Without Any Prior Notice.

Visit the Twitter Website and Select the “more” Button, Which Is Denoted by Three Dots in A Circle on The Left Side of The Page, to Turn Off the Warning.

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How to Edit Your Tweets to Remove the Warning

By Selecting More > Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety > Your Tweets, You Can Prevent Twitter from Labelling the Sensitive Media You Submit as Such. Be Careful to Uncheck “mark Media You Tweet as Containing Material that May Be Sensitive.”

The Twitter App for iPhones and IPad Does Not Have This Option, Although It Is Available on The Site and In the Android App.

how to change sensitive content on twitter

Don’t Worry if You Don’t Want to See Sensitive Material on Twitter; That’s the Default Option. Just Make Sure the “hide Sensitive Content” Option for Searches Is Turned on And the “display Media that May Contain Sensitive Content” Option Is Off.

Note: If You Misuse This Option and Upload Sensitive Media without Labelling It as Such, Twitter Has the Right to Permanently Enable This Option for Your Account. that Explains Why if You Can’t Disable It.

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