The Best Way to Ban a Phone Number on An Android Device..!

You don’t have to tolerate the aggravation of routinely getting spoofed calls. You can ban calls from telemarketers or other obnoxious callers if you frequently receive their calls.

Any calls from blacklisted numbers will then be sent directly to voicemail on your Android phone. Additionally, the person whose number you blocked won’t be informed that you blocked their number, and there is no way for them to confirm it.

On Android, How To Ban a Number

In most circumstances, you can block calls through the Phone app or Messages app, though the process can differ based on the device brand and Android version.

How to Use the Phone App on Android to Block a Number

On Your Android Device, Go to The Settings of The Phone App and Select the Blocked Numbers Option to Block a Contact or Phone Number.

how to block number in android

Here Is a Thorough, Step-By-Step Explanation:

1. Start the Phone App.

2. While Navigating to The Dial or Call Logs Tab, Select the More Options Menu (the Three Vertical Dots in The Top-Right Corner of The Programme).

3. from The Drop-Down Menu, Select Call Settings.

4. in The Call Settings, Select Call Blocking & Decline with Message.

5. Then Choose Blocked Numbers.

6. to Add a Number to Block, Tap the Plus Sign in The Top Right Corner.

7. Select New Number from The Pop-Up that Appears. on The Same Pop-Up, You Can Select to Ban a Number from Your Contacts List or Call History.

8. Enter the Phone Number Manually and Click “block” to Prevent Calls and Texts from That Number.

How to Use the Messages App on Android to Ban a Number

By Following the Procedures Listed Below, You Can Also Block a Number Using the Messages App:

  1. Launch the Messages Application.

2. Tap the Top-Right Corner’s Three Vertical Dots.

3. from The Drop-Down Menu of Choices, Choose Settings.

4. In Settings, Select Message Blocking.

5. Then Choose Blocked Numbers.

6. to Add a Number to Block, Tap the Plus Sign in The Top Right Corner.

7. Select New Number from The Pop-Up that Appears.

8. Type in The Phone Number Manually Whose Calls and Texts You Want to Ban, Then Click Block.

how to block number in android

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How to Prevent Unknown Callers on An Android Phone

You Must Be Able to Input the Number in The Phone or Messages App in Order to Use the Preceding Methods.

However, if The Number Is Unknown, This Won’t Work. Therefore, Android Offers a Variety of Techniques to Ban Spam Calls from Unknown Numbers All at Once if You’re Sick of Receiving Them.

How to Block a Phone Number on Various Gadgets

Nowadays, It’s Simple and Native on The Majority of Android Phones to Block Particular Numbers. However, This Wasn’t Always the Case, and Many Oe Ms. Had to Develop the Feature on Their Own. You Might Have to Put Forth a Bit More Effort to Thwart Those Telemarketers Depending on Your Device.

It Goes Without Saying That We Are Unable to Describe in Full how To Block Calls on Each and Every Phone Model. on The Majority of Popular Android Devices, However, We Can Demonstrate to You how To Block Callers.

how to block number in android

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What Occurs When You Block a Person’s Phone Number?

Consider Blocking a Person’s Number as A Call-Declining Machine. when You Reject a Call, the Caller Is Compelled to Hang up Or Leave a Message on Your Voicemail. Similar to When They Are Blocked, Users Are Unable to Make Your Phone Ring.

Privacy Plays a Significant Role in The Procedure, Much Like how The Majority of Social Media Networks Manage Prohibited People. Because of This, the Individual or group that has been blocked won’t be informed in any way that they have been expelled. The worst-case scenario is that they suspect something is off when they are put on voicemail.

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